What not to do on a MUNI drop

I landed this a couple of times, but this was the one that went bad. Any good ideas? I keep working on the skills, but I bet a bunch of you guys have handled bigger drops. I need all the tips I can get!


9.2 artistic
5.5 execution
7.4 pain factor

I don’t think the drop got ya … it was the grade on the hill

Hmmm… it kinda looks like your feet slipped off the pedals and it also looked like you weren’t going fast enough to keep from falling on that little hill landing even if you did stay on the pedals.

Re: What not to do on a MUNI drop

Neosporin ointment helps the abrasions heal a little faster. Ice packs on the back muscles initially, then perhaps a heating pad.

As far as crashes go, I would say that one was perfect. Seldom are those caught on video. :sunglasses:

Looks to me like you either bailed or your foot slipped off. Gotta stick with it, you’re better off staying on than bailing sometimes. Also, land with your cranks at 3 and 9 then roll out, yours were around 7:48 and whatever the opposite of that is.

Rather than asking about how to land that drop better, you should be asking about how to land that fall better. That was a cool vid, but that was an awful landing on the fall. I like to think that if I did the exact same fall, the moment the foot came off the pedal I would tuck and then be able to roll out of it. Those who rode in Sacramento on the Stephens trail may remember me biffing a log twice, hitting the ground hard, but smoothly rolling out, so I ended up standing.

As for what went wrong, starting from the beginning, I will assume that the first 2 times you did that drop you didn’t go as aggressively at it. That time, you just had too much weight on a foot set too far back on the pedal, causing it to slip off. Then, rather than tucking and rolling, you tried to put your other foot down, causing the face plant.

I would’ve gone at that drop as on the first try, I’d do it conservatively, just to get a feel for it. Then I’d ride it fast, but I think I would’ve crunched a bit more on it. If I had to do it only once, and I wanted cool factor, I’d do a 5’ish lateral rolling hop, so when I landed my wheel would be in front of me. You landed with your wheel under you.

One cool thing is your muni bounced a good 2’ vertically after you fell.

I would say, be ready for any type of impact.:slight_smile:

If you are dropping to a downhill, be ready for a roll out. if you are not very good with roll outs, make sure to put your weight back so you fall backwards, as opposed to what you did;) and keep your weight on the pedals at all times


It was really hot today, and as the day went on, the dirt got REALLY dry. If I landed at 3 and 9, I would slide down the hill. The first few times I hit it just as agressive I think, but the dirt had better BITE. The roll out is steeper than it looks, and slowing the peddles is really tough. Think I am going to switch pedals, and wait till its damp out again. A few feet to my left is bigger, but the roll-out is steeper. I think I can land that one, but once I do, the rolling speed will increase in a hurry.

Thanks for the help, and scores! The guys on the xtreme downhill bikes make it look easy.

How do I slow down the crank speed just after landing, I will try to post a video of me landing it tomorrow, but I dont know if we got it or not. My video guy went jogging this morning and got to the drop late…

Makes no difference. You land at 9 and 3 and your wheel is immediately moving because of the combination of you rolling out and the slope making you do so. You won’t slid out on anything short of ice if you do it properly.

…in my experiences…

I’m no master of drops.

Dude that was sick… much liked the video. you need one of you landing becuase that looks like a really nice spot…


crash footage

I’m in no position to critique your riding. But I enjoyed watching the footage of a spectacular crash! Watch out for those trees! And now I know what the “ow” in your name stands for.

Wow, great video! Thanks for sharing. I don’t think I can add anything to what others have said so I won’t try…except to once again say great stack!


That would depend on what you did as, and after you landed. I don’t think your pedal position was too bad in the clip, but obviously your foot coming off was the major problem.

Everything is always steeper than it looks in 2-dimensional playback. Doesn’t that suck? In other words, we believe you. I would add though, that your hit did not appear aggressive to me, outside of the fact that you did it. I probably would be chicken. Your rolling up to the edge looked pretty tentative, without much momentum. Though you can still make a nice, aggressive jump from a standing (hopping) position at the top.

In fact, getting positioned beforet jumping off might help. What I saw was your pedals basically stopping once you’d left the ground, and staying in the same position until you landed. Your foot may have come off because of a less-then-optimum crank angle, but there could be any number of other reasons. A 3 and 9 position would probably help, with an immediate rollout.

When riding off of jumps or drops, you don’t have to stop pedaling. Just keep the pedals turning until they’re where you want them. This may take some practice to get used to, but I had to learn it in my first year of riding to do it on the “jump ramp” in Redford Township Unicycle Club performances in 1980.

Definitely an 8.9 for the landing. Can’t give you a score for the drop, because you didn’t ride out. But that face plant definitely deserves style points.

And doing it on an extreme downhill bike is easy. Not to take away from that sport, mostly you just have to steer.

Like Gerble said, you’ll be best served by trying to tuck and roll if you know you’re going down head-first. This takes practice too, but it’s worth doing some test runs if you plan to make drops like that. If there had been a rock or sharp stick where your face area came down, it could have made you ugly.

Thanks for all the help guys. I will keep working on the learning curve, and I will practice the 3 and 9. Does anyone have any good footage that I can watch of someone landing drops this size on dirt? It is always easier to see someone else do something. and learn from that success!

Hope your o.k. Steve.

Closest thing I can send you to is a series of frames from a video of Kris Holm doing a similar style of drop. Go to the muni section of www.unicycle.2ya.com .


Great vid, looks like you kinda got triped up by the uni when you slipped. Whenever I am doing any kind of drop I try to have the center of my feet on the pedals so my feet have a lot more room if they are going to slip and so I don’t work my ankles to much when landing. I sprained my ankel pretty bad once when doing a drop.


To me, it seems as though you werent ready for the landing. If you look at the Slow-mo part you can see that from the time that you leav the gorun to the time you touch it(IE:while you are airborn) your body stays in the same postion. You should be ready to absorb all impact a good distance from the ground. Your leap position also led your wieght to be distributed improperly, which caused your feet to slip off. You can see your feet already coming off midair.

You didn’t relax into the impact and absorb it. Plain and simple.

Humm…the way you kindof shimered in the air is suggesting that you were doing this drop on your switch foot… try the other way around just for fun…