What Next

Ok Ive been riding since December 4th and Ive learned how to ride going backwards(pretty well) i can hop up and down stairs and can hop down 2-3 stairs im practicing 1 foot and should have it down in a week so i was thinking is there anything else i should do and also am i ready for unispins and also if i am how do u spin the uni fast enough under you

Doing pretty good there man. I think people put unispins off to late. They are all mental. Just give er really. How are you at sif, sib riding? maybe leg arounds wheel walking should be next on your list.

ya im practicing sif and having a little trouble but should have it down soon

Spining the uni fast enough just comes. Practice 180/360 jump mounts. If you don’t know what that is start with the uni infront of you and spin it while still on the ground and as it aprouches where you want it land on the pedals/cranks.

ya i know what they are and once i get sif totally down ill start doing them ill do a jump mount land sif but i have to grab the seat with two hands at first when i land on the pedals and then i take one of and ride for 5 feet

i also wobble alot when i ride sif after like 2 feet

It may either be you don’t have the correct tyre pressure causing it to wobble or your centre of gravity is off. Because that’s all i can think of 4 now. :slight_smile:

Hoped that helped tunkie.

Try crouching a bit, it worked for me.

figured that out really helps

umm not trying to sound stupid but what is sif?

seat in front riding

There is a really good unipsin guide somewhere on here…
Search works wonders.

So does being friendly :wink:

I find with unispins on my 24" I can’t get my legs in to place on the pedal after the spin :frowning:

ok thanks guys for helping me i can now do 180 jump mounts and can almost do a unispin when i do one i jump spin the uni and when its a good one both feet hit the pedals and stay for a sec but then slip and the uni goes under me whats wrong if i need to ill post a vid of me doing 1

You got it, just a few more practice sessions.

Try leaning more forwards, not your whole body, but just from the waiste and up. That helped me.

thanks heres a vid of me doing a unispin its also on video forum
please give some tips on what i do wrong

any reason why you started on the fourth?

our school club started then and i rented a uni from a friend

Well that makes sense. Hope it all works out for you guys. :wink: