what next?

okay now that i can do some decent things on my uni i need help on deciding what trick to learn i already know how to
ride backwards
wheel walk
leg wrap
and jump fairly high as you can see i am getting into street freestyle kind of stuff is there any great trick that looks impresive? :thinking:


You could try
Seat Drops
Seat Drags

The list goes on. The only limit is your imagination.

what is a rotator and how do you do it?

A rotator is like a crankflip where your feet stay on the pedals. Just hop as high as you need to give you time and do 1 pedal revolution.

Check out the Levels and/or Standard Skills, and pick your choise.

learn to ride seat in front, and seat behind.

i can ride sif and hop sif but i dont realy know how to tuck the uni under me any tips

i find when riding sif u can put the seat down a bit, usualy means its a lot easier to get it underneth u