What next?

i just pretty much mastered jumpin in place and am onderin what i should start on next i need suggestions :thinking:

We need more information to determine what you should learn next. The most important thing you can tell us is what you want to do- trials, freestyle, MUni, or something else.

You could try hopping up gutters or steps next. Now you have mastered hopping in place… you should try mastering hopping all over the place!

I don’t know maybe try riding backwards, jumping off things, rolling hops, or sharp turns.
But I don’t really know because I can only ride the uni.
Keep it up cousin :slight_smile:

well im intrested in street and trials kinda a mix but i will try hoppin on everything thxs all and goin backwards.

yeah, hopping on everything seems to be a good idea. Oh, try hopping not jackhammer style, but w/ little stillstands in between. I didn’t learn that way, and it’s difficult for me to unlearn that style of hopping.