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My name is Callum and i am 14 I have been unicycling for about a month or two now and can ride,mount different ways,hop up things about a foot high and i can idle a little. I dont know what to try and learn next. I want to get into street and trials mainly. Thanks for your help!:smiley:

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For trials, you already can hop rather high. Can you jump up onto benches yet? That’s a good goal to set if you cant. Also, learn to crank grab, that will help you get onto a lot of the bigger objects you cant just jump onto yet. Riding skinnies will help, and if you want, seeing how this is a preference thing, learn to ride and jump SIF (Seat-in-front).

For street, the basics, I would say, is to be able to rolling hop, 180 unispins, crankflip, and learning to ride backwards. The backward parts will help when your landing 180s or gonna jump off something backward. But mainly practice doing 180 and 360s, revs, unispins, and crankflips.

A good hint, is to use the search function near the top right of the website and look up info before you post a thread on it. There’s lots of info written up here, and finding it will be easier then to ask. Most times.

Look here for more help.

Good luck!

Thanks for the advice

I agree with jerrick about the trial and street tricks. Also what unicycle do you have unical. :smiley:

I got an cheap 20" starter unicycle but ive put a maxxis max daddy tire on it.

That’s cool, My very first unicycle was a Torker LX, but a cheap 20" is a good start. Cause when it bends or snaps. You can move up 2 a Torker. :wink: :wink:

Should I try some jump mounts any tips??

For jump mounts, I can’t help you on that. I’m trying to do that. But i learned how to skate mount which is a little harder to perform and didn’t really learn jump mounts. Sorry :frowning: :frowning:

This may help you. It’s pretty much the basic stuff or something like that

Just a little tip unical, post in the JC thread to get more hits. No one will flame you because you’re new and you don’t know any better :wink:

As for your question, a good street trick to learn is a 180 unispin. It’s really easy.