What next? (New tricks)

So for the people that have run out of things to learn or just don’t know what to try next, I’m starting this so you don’t have to start a new thread.

I’ll start, I can one foot ww and glide fairly well now. I can hop off something 3 feet comfortably every time. I can get all the one foot things. I can rolling hop a 3 set

Soooo, what next?

try roll hop a four set :sunglasses:


What do you want to progress in?

If it’s street, go bigger and start learning 180 jump mounts.

Flat goes along kind of with beginner street skills imo so I’d say get overall better at that first.

If it’s trials, learn to get sidehops and once you can comfortably hop 20cm or so, maybe learn crankgrabs.

It’s all a matter of what you want to learn, there isn’t a paved unicycling steps path.

If you need any help feel free to ask :slight_smile:

I can 180 unispin I can jump sorta high :smiley: I can jump a bit more than 2 ft comfortably. I can do a no footer tire grab. I can idle. Jump up steps. Having tried jumping down any more than 2 steps. And i can pedal grab.
What next?:wink:
Btw don’t say wheelwalk as i can do 1 footed a bit and I sort off work on it every now and again but it makes me angry cause of how hard it is :smiley: So i practice something else at the same time:o
Edit:Dont really mind what I progress in although I was aiming for a street rider(you have to start somewhere)so street or freestyle tricks.