What new unicycle should i get? Help?

I know i have seen other threads like this but most people ive seen have a price range, lol

I am currently saving up for a KH double-crown 20" uni and wandering if its worth it or what do you guys suggest

I personally like to hop around up and down curbs on what i think i have is a norco (got it from a local bike shop) and i have currently bent the cranks and/or hub and the pedals are slightly slanted and creaks on the occasional rotation and am afraid of ruining it further/even riding it because of metal fatigue

Id say my top price range is 800$ but could by further accessories later (hub, pedals cranks etc.)

Thanks for your support :smiley:

If you want to do “Flat” riding, the double crown is good for that. If you just want to hop and do tricks, I would suggest a KH20, Longneck or not, both are the same unis anyway. You could get a Nimbus Trials too, you would still have alot of money left.