What new trials uni would be best for me?

I need a new trials uni and I’m not sure what I should get. I’ve looked at unicycle.uk.com and Ive almost fallen in love with the ONZA trials uni, but its £200 and thats alot. Is it worth it? My first uni i bought was £60 and it kept on breaking, I upgraded it loads but it just wouldnt take dropping off anything higher than a 5 foot drop. Will a specialized trials uni have the same problem?

I'm also interested in the MAXBOUNCE uni for sale. Has anyone else got this uni? Is it any good? Ive decided that i dont want the taiwanese trials uni coz two of my mates are getting it and i dont want to be the same. Are there any other places I can buy trials uni's? What are everyones thoughts on the best trials unis?

Please get in touch coz i dont want to waste any money on something that isnt right for me.

if your breaking stuff then the max bounce and the tia trials uni will break too

what tends to break as you know is cranks and axles, the cranks on the max bounce and the tia trials uni are only a bit better than what you’ll find on a cheap unicycle.
traditionaly people used unicycles for freestyle, where very little stress is put on the axle and cranks, so they didn’t need to be that strong,

now that people have started doing trials the equipment is evolving, its getting stronger, like the profile hub and the onza trials unicycle.

get the onza it has a hub that pretty much won’t break.

I agree, get the Onza. Before I decided to get a 24" mountain/trials unicycle I was going to get the Yuni because it’s got the Profile hub and cranks but it’s pretty expensive. If you’re doing 5’ drops get the Onza. Providing that you’re not planing to go too much higher than 5’ I think it’ll hold up pretty well. I’m only passing on information that other people have told me here. One thing I do know is that a splined hub and crankset (the Onza and Profile ones) will be much stronger than a cotterless setup (most basic unicycles such as mine). I’m not sure, but I think that the Profile one will be stronger and it has a lifetime warrenty, but the Onza will also surely be very strong. I think that the fact that the Profile is a 48-spline makes it stronger because there’s more suface area, etc. but once again, I’m not sure. The Onza also looks really good. If you’re doing 5’ drops, etc then you obviously love your unicycling and I’m positive that you won’t regret getting the Onza. Also, you should read the reviews and comments on the Onza and other trials unicycles in various other threads. Just search for ‘Onza’.

Once you do get it (I’m now assuming that you will:) ), please post a review in the product review forum. Take some photos as well.

Good luck,
Andrew Carter

i don’t think that the diference in strength will become apparent unitilll you start doing regular 6’ plus drops, which does pretty much put you in the top 10% of trials riders

however the onza is just so much cheaper than a yuni / profile setup and they now come with kh seats. the price of a yuni/nimbus ii with profile hub will cost easily £400 ukp or more

all prices are purely off the to of my head, they may be eith more or less

hub about £300, maybee more, it has to come from the usa.
an annother £60 for the rest of the wheel and the tyre
nimbus ii (called Yuni in america) frame £26
pedals £10ish for cheapos or £30+ for decent ones
kh seat £35 inc seatpost

lets call it about £400 ukp

or about £200 for the onza, complete, ready to run

you could buy two onzas for the same price,

the price diference between the onza and the cheaper trials unis with conventional unicycle hubs isn’t that much, about £40 in the case of the max bounce and about £80 in the case of the tia uni, and if your already doing dropps that break unicycles then that is monney welll spent.

and the only downside to the onza is that the hub hasn’t been around for long and no-one realy knows how it compares to the profile

you will hear some reports going around that some of the onza hubs got broken, these hubs as were prototypes, not the production onza hubs and prototypes are not generaly as good as the realy thing. because they are made in a hurry just to see if it works.

i only ended up with the profile/ nimbus iii setup
because i started building my trials setup before the onza became available, and i’ve spend a loads more cash than i would otherwise have had to.

Thanks for your input

Thanks for your replies, i really value the advice of someone in the know. reading your advice I now know that i’ll get the ONZA, It should be perfect for what I’m doing. Finally, one more question, could i learn new tricks like walk-the-wheel (which im determined to learn) on a trials uni?

I would agree Go for the Onza or KH/ Norco Trials uni they are your best options and they arent horrible on the cash flow.

A trials unicycle will be fine for learning to wheelwalk and do those sorts of things. Ican’t wheel walk very well yet but I think it should befine. Another thing to try is hopping on top of the wheel.It’s really fun.