What Music Do U All Listen To While You Ride?


Hip-Hop is great 4 riding, fast paced is good 4 freestyling

They Might Be Giants, Crash Test Dummies, and the Proclaimers are among my favorites.


im sure there is already a thread in just conversation somewhere.

Listen music on like… an mp3 player or discman? Or just sought of listening to it in your head. I do the second one. And the songs are the ones we’re gonna have in our video.


I don’t listen to music as I ride. Well, except for some times at indoor freestyle practice there will be music playing, but not often.

Music during a trials session might be a possibility, but I’ve never done it. Most of the places where I go for trials are not places where I can play music on a boom box. Many skate parks and public parks don’t allow boom boxes. And I don’t like the idea of doing trials wearing a portable MP3 player and earbud headphones.

I can’t even fathom the idea of listening to music during a muni ride. The music would be a distraction.

I don’t listen to music during Coker rides because music makes it so I can’t hear traffic (cars, bikes, joggers, hikers, kids, trucks, fire truck sirens, etc.) and is not safe for road riding or even riding on a separate bike path. Music distracts you from concentrating on your riding. Music can also cause you to start pedaling in sync with the beat of the music which often results in you slipping down to a cadence that is slower than what you should be pedaling at.

I used to do a lot of road cycling (bicycling). I never felt the urge to listen to music during any of those rides. For one is the safety issue. You’ve GOT to be able to hear traffic. It’s not safe otherwise. I never got bored on any of my rides. If you’re concentrating on your riding and concentrating on going faster and always pushing then you’re not going to get bored. I also liked riding places with hills so pushing to get up the hills as fast as possible and then going down the hill as fast as possible kept the rides interesting. Every time I see a road cyclist with headphones on I think “What an idiot”. It’s stupid and should be illegal.

chop suey!
weird al!



dope, disturbed, zebrahead, one minute silence

I like songs that have a fairly heavy beat…I don’t need to understand all the words, but I like to have an idea what they are singing about.

Either a heavy beat like dope, disturbed, early manson, techno kinda beat like NIN, KMFDM, or catch upbeat stuff like Zebrahead, and One Minute Silence.

Anything from a Bike movie seems to be alright, as well.

Has anyone heard of ‘Grassy Knoll and the Magic Bullet’? They have some pretty groovy stuff as well.

has anyone ever heard of O.A.R.?

they graduated from my high school some years back, and apparently have become famous.


Re: What Music Do U All Listen To While You Ride?

country_style17 wrote:
> sEaN


I like to listen to Trance when im doin Muni and Rap when im street ridin’. I strap an mp3 to my arm and wear clip on headphones with an open air design so I can still clearly hear sounds around me.

I don’t listen to music while I ride but on the way to this evening’s MUni ride we were listening to Andrea’s music station.

That STOOOOOOOOOOPID song that goes “Everyone in the club get tipsy” was stuck in my head for half the ride. :angry:

I would have given anything to get that tune out of my head.

Last week in track, we ran five miles, and the WHOOOLE time I had that “I’m your venus, I’m your fire, your desire” song stuck in my head.
I almost died.

Totally agree with your comments on Coker and traffic, but will argue that music can be pretty nice on a muni ride, at least when riding solo. The headphone wire can be a bit bothersome if you’re doing a lot of side to side looking, but when I’m just doing some trail riding for exercise around the lake or something, I like it. Recent favorites are Lucinda Williams, Flecktones, Bruddah Iz.

I agree that music is cool when riding by yourself. I went on a few short solo rides during the winter, and I listened to a cd player during them. It was awesome, but I would only do it if I was riding by myself. I think I was listening to the new Incubus and Offsping cds on those rides.

I used to park my bronco in the empty parking lot of a nearby school on the weekend evenings. I would open my doors and play music while I rode around practicing stuff. I would always listen to Less Than Jake. It’s like my “unicycling music.”


NO WAY! Less Than Jake is my kind of uni music (and typing music apparently!). Especially for freestyle around the back of the house. I like the crunching of twigs during muni too much for music. I find myself humming something that goes with the rhythm of whatever I happen to be doing… or doing stuff to the rhythm of what I’m humming.

Are Our Lady Peace big in the US/Canada? I think they’re Canadian, but I’ve been uni/kareokeing to them a lot recently! Also The Mad Capsule Markets, which are so good it hurts.

I own some pretty heavy music, but I don’t find it fits with unicycling too well, I prefer stuff that flows well. Like that video that was edited to hip-hop (by Jeff Groves??).
Really mellow stuff.


I always listen to music if I can. Player in the backround or headphones. If i’m going street riding i’ll do it. My hornet (rolling forward hop, named from the possition your in when you get up) is inches higher when i have a fast beat song on. Music such as punk and stuff liek that, rock… Stuff we’ll have in our movie.

Whilst unicycling…hmm…i think i am concentrating too much often to think of it, but no reason why i shouldnt.

Loads of music sounds fantastic on a 2 wheeler…something about speeding down a hill with some guitar / vocal solo cant be beaten.
Specifically…The Clash, Pink Floyd, maybe the Chilli Peppers, Muse, David Rovics, Deep Purple
…this is my current phase, ask again in a month for a new selection :slight_smile:

I feel i ought to take this oppertunity to do a bit of preplugging, me and the band (Capable Of Original Thought) are working on some specicific unicycle music…inspired by the various stages of extremeness that we saw at the BUC and by our own muniing. If your lucky I might have a poor quality recording ready to post by about monday…but probably not, still.

Then if that’s the case then stereos in cars should be illegal, I sometimes ride listening to the radio on road, never very loud though, and can see what’s going on in front of me and if I need to know whats going on behind me, I just look, if someones going to wipe me out it’s not going to make alot of difference if I can hear them or not. After all, motor cyclings visual, how many of them can hear what’s going on with an ear muffling helmet and engine noise.
Sometimes when Muni riding its a good way to shut out all the silly comments if I’m not in the mood for them.