What MUni should I get on a relatively low budget?

I have about US$300 to spend on a MUni, a bit more if necessary, and I want to get the most durable one I can. My previous uni (a Torker CX 24") broke down after about 9 months of riding (the wheel was twisted beyond repair and the left pedal couldn’t stay on) :(, and so I want to make sure this next one is virtually bombproof. I’m 5’10" but still rapidly growing (over a centimetre a month), 144 lbs and pretty static, I prefer riding 24" just from familiarity, and I’m not particularly skilled at riding (I can stay on it fine, but the only “tricks” I know are idling/hovering, riding backwards, and bunny hopping. I’m still working on going up curbs, I can get high enough but not at the same time as going sideways.

So, what would be appropriate for my skill level, size, preferences, and budget?

torker dx or qu-ax

id say the qu_ac Muni.

it’s $300

look on UDC

I’m not familiar with that abbreviation…

Anyone willing to clarify?

I meant Qu-Ax

here’s the link

Thanks! Yeah, that looks okay to me, not that I know much.

it has a strong aluminum frame, splined hub and cranks(they won’t break) nice saddle, and a 3" wide bouncy tire.

The frame is steal…

no, the frame is Chromoly STEEL i believe

oh, I thought it was aluminum. Oh well.

The Torker DX has 6inch cranks (152mm) and the Qu-Ax has 6.6inch cranks (170mm)… At least that is what unicycle.com says… The DX also comes with a 2.6 inch tire and the Qu-Ax comes with a 3.0 inch Duro which is an upgrade for the DX… The only other thing I can see that is diff is the OD bearing size on the DX is 40mm and the Qu-Ax is 42mm. Not much diff…

Just my $.02

I’d say get the QU-AX, I have one and I really like it. I like it much more than my friend’s DX.

The DX is $269, will fit the Duro Wildlife Leopard 24 x 2.6" tire but not the 3.0".
The Qu-Ax is $329 and will fit the 3.0" tire. :roll_eyes:

i don’t think anyone has said yet that UDC is Unicycle Dot Com.

and i would say qu-ax if you can afford it, but the dx is a very deserving second.

take the qu-ax like everyone says i have it and the axle and hub …man its hard like rock !

theres something about the qu-ax that i dont like… im not sure what. so i would say the torker dx:)

I would have to agree with onelesscar on this the qu-ax is very nice wider rim i think. the spokes in the rim alternat sides so its stronger but i ride the DX becuse did not have the extra cash on hand and love it. if i could i would buy the qu-ax.:smiley:

forget that… im getting into muni and i want this:) but unicycle.com is out of stock:(

Just buy 3 more Torkers and run them into the ground. 9 months x 3 torkers = 27 months:)

The Torker DX frame has 3.5 inches BETWEEN the forks.
That is far more than the Yuni, KH or even Nimbus II frame.