What muni should I buy?

So I´m buying new unicycle to muni and normal road riding.
It should be 26 or 29. I think KH29 would be best, but it cost much more than others.

i think that the 29 would be to big for muni

If your MUni rides consist of nothing bigger than ~1 foot drops, a KH29 is most excellent for MUni. I love mine! If you have the money, you should definitely get one. If not, the Nimbus 26 looks pretty nice too for the price.

I am a big fan of the 26" wheel size for moderate MUni but if you are going to be doing much road riding I would lean more towards a good 29. If you are doing MUni with a 29 make sure it has a nice wide rim like the KH.

Personaly I would see if UDC would build you up a Nimbus 29 with a KH rim and 137mm cranks. This should be just as strong as a KH, a little heavier but a lot cheeper.

They offer custom wheel builds, right?

Ive got the nimbus 26" and it rides really well for MUni. one thing to look out for though is wheather or not it comes with ISIS cranks. Mine didn’t, although I think they come with them now

If you are anything like me, it’ll be cheaper in the long run. Since there are very limited opportunities for upgrades.

IMO the railadapter + nicer seat is a must. Swapping those afterwards on a cheaper uni puts you “fairly” close to the KH. If you have the money I would get it, at least if it’s your #1 uni.

I would never skimp on my #1 uni, however secondary ones are where I would safe money. (Since I have a job I won’t buy anything below KH grade. Either stock KH or with nice customizations. Admittedly it’s different if you are in school with very limited funds.)