What mountain b**ers have to say about MUni

I found this on MTBR.com. Got a laugh out of it. Drop Off

I like - taking single speed to new heights - would make a great T-shirt. Recently I was leaving a MTB trail and a MTB rider pulled in and asked how the trail was. When I replied they were in great shape he said good because he was going hardcore since he would be riding a single speed. I said me too, and showed him my ride. He lost his swagger when he asked if I did a full 9 mile lap, and I replied no - two. Sure its not nice to gloat, but he started it…

Several of them cracking jokes about 29er unicycles… I wonder what they’d think if they one day saw an actual 29er uni on the trails. Or a Coker :slight_smile:

I found their responses to be pretty narrow minded and pathetic, but maybe that’s why they all ride bikes.:smiley:

Nice! I think that’s Jake Sprague…“bleedfortrials” here. I’ve seen much nastier comments in the bike trials forums.

I ride my 29er on my local trails. I hear all the typical remarks from mountain bikers…and then I pass them on a hill climb, bomb through rock gardens they hike over, and take drops they go around.

The “lost a wheel” remarks stop soon afterwards.:smiley:

Bikes own. STFU newb.

there’s a thread in their 29er forum about 29er unicycles. it’s mostly positive stuff. all the bikers i’ve even encountered have been impressed/enthused by what i’m doing. i’ve done a 24 hour race in iowa a few times, all positive comments, and when i’ve been in moab, everyone think’s we’re crazy as hell, but pretty cool.

Says you.

I liked this one:

They are all along the same lines, but this one made me laugh.

If you read the comments for other pictures, they are all very similar, so it must be the spirit of their forums: numb jokes.

they dont know at all what they are talking about. thats why they keep talking through there asses…

my mother is a mountain biker. pretty good… she has like five bikes and go on 60 Km trails (she was even 3rd place in the iron biker in amateur categorie). she likes a lot that I unicycle. I`ve gone riding with her friends and they were very impressed that I could kep up with them (on palne ground and climbing hills - with a qu-ax 20"!!!).

there are flatland guys in Sao Paulo that like the unis too. I`ve met some street riders that even wanted to learn how to ride…

I think those riders are just ignorant people toalking about something they don`t know about

I think it’s less about them being “narrow minded and pathetic” and more about you guys not being able to take a joke.

I liked this one

well personally all those comments were quite funny.

IN the end whoc ares wot MTBR’s think lol are anyone for that matter.

But most bikers i’ve seen have been real impressed by my riding. well apart from BMX’rs but they are d*** anyways. (well 90% of em)

Hahahaha, I ride my bike alot too (more than MUni…), but man, that is hardcore. Mad props, yo.

I Think theyre mostly quite funny but i reckon we should start a thread for captions of Mountian Bike Pictures :roll_eyes: see what they say :smiley:

If you click any of the other pictures you will soon see they are just as irrelevant about the biker pictures.

e.g. the biker probably about to face plant (this is the next picture from the Uni - Moab? and blue sky):

“Man… I gotta stop smilin. That gas felt great but way too much lift and at the wrong time…” etc.

Those were pretty funny, but a lot of them were quite similar. I think the superman one was the best. That made me laugh.

dont judge mountain biker by those comments, some were pretty funny too, i ride my bike 50% and uni 50%.
Mountain biking is good and some people are narrow minded i bet if there was a post on here similar to that with a mountain bike you would get some idiots saying stupid narrow minded comments like some of them.

What “Good thing I bought the stabiliser wheel”, “Thank goodness I’ve got two chances to land this jump” etc.?