what makes this unicycle female?

When I looked at this description I wonder what makes that unicycle having the “girls” gender?

Obvious: no crossbar.


Men are inhertetly better than women at trials and hence need stronger unis?

Shouldn’t it have a shopping basket on the front then?


Or a makeup kit. :stuck_out_tongue:

shoe basket :wink:


I think perhaps the poster has mistaken it for a ship. Ships are referred to as she.

Alternatively, he thinks it’s female because he can’t understand it, can’t control it, and his mates keep telling him he’d be better off without it.:wink:

It’s a girls if it comes with T7 handles and the frilly thingy option.

It’s unstable.

Hahaha, good one.

It is obviously the seat!

Touché to that:D

I think it has to do with the part of the title that says “35 INCHES TOP TO BOTTOM”. He doen’t mention the middle measurement, but the unicycle clearly has an hour-glass figure.

It clearly isn’t female, otherwise it would be lilac and have barbie stars on it, like this one:

IMG_1567 (Small).JPG

the stars are a very nice addition cathy

It is excellent not being understood, and so easy to do.
The attempts to control fail because they don’t know what to do with the feedback, positive ir negative.
And his mates, were they really telling the truth, all want one just like it.


The chairs in the background make me want to have tea and crumpets. I think a 90 year old woman used to ride this uni, which rocks.

Difficult to mount, but a fun ride once you get her going…

  • if only my unicycle was that dirty…

lol… I think the owner just may be mistaken, and trying to market for the female gender for no reason, all i can think of, and chrome lol… awesome quote, i put it in my signiture