What makes an expensive unicycle worth it?

I have 3 unicycles altogether worth about $100. I love riding them and enjoying them. I don’t go off road and do any tricks. My friend is always wanting to buy a new expensive Chris Horn. Why buy a $300+ uni if these seem to fit my needs?


expensive unicycles can take more abuse, and due to their more suited components (stronger rims, strong cranks, fatter tires, more comfortable seats, bigger, grippier pedals) makes riding tougher terrain more enjoyable, and comfortable for much longer.

Chances are…your riding doesn’t suit a $100 unicycle…your $100 unicycle limits what you are able to experience in terms of what you could actually get out and do if you had the equipment to allow you to push the limits.

Hope that makes sense.

But if ‘actually’ find your $100 all you need, then great, good stuff, keep with it.

PS…It’s Kris Holm :slight_smile:

I’ve got two expensive unicycles: a Nimbus 29er (which I use for XC muni) and a UDC 36er. Both have been customised by me since I bought them…

These were worth the money to me simply because I wanted to ride longer distances, and higher speeds, in more comfort and bigger wheels help with that - and run-of-the-mill “cheap” unis like you find in a bike shop rarely have larger than a 24" wheel.


It depends on what kind of riding your doing. If you are taking drops, and are going on rouph road that a stronger unicycle is needed then a Chris Horn unicycle might be a step up for you. If you are simply riding around, and not doing anything to big or being hard on your unicycle, then your just waisting money by buying a Kris Holm unicycle. So you decide if you need it or not.

If they really fit your needs then there’s no point, but most riders would be severley limited in the riding they wanted to do with a cheap uni, and would break a lot of equipment which is both expensive and dangerous.

I have two ‘expensive’ unis, a KH24 muni and a nimbus 36 tourer. I used to have a much cheaper muni (still about $300) and i broke nearly every component on it, I’m sure i spent more on it in total than I did on my ‘expensive’ muni. As for the nimbus, I want to learn to ride really long distance and it’s just easier on a uni with more expensive components like a good quality rim, good handle/seat setup for comfort etc.

sounds like you are happy with your unis, if you are truley happy then why change eh? if they realy suit your needs (wants) stick with what you got but if stuff starts to break then getting a new tougher uni will probably save you some money and greef.

PS the KH is overkill if you dont do any offroad but it should last forever.

who needs an expensive unicycle? just get this, it says “heavy duty”:wink:


Welcome, ctaba67ny.

Have you been to a New York Unicycle Club meeting yet? We are an informal club with riders of all skill levels. You can take the 1 train to 116th (or 125th) and Broadway. We meet just a few blocks away. It’s all on our web site.

Hope to see you soon! Our next meeting is Saturday, March 17. Look for the guy with the purple coker (me).

Isn’t the seat on the wrong way round in the featured picture!?! :slight_smile:

Your $100 unicycle may suit you fine, as you say that you don’t do tricks or ried off road. But eventually I would think that you will want to expand your skills to include either tricks(Freestyle or street), or overcoming terrain obstacles (trials or MUni).

When you start to do these things, you will start to break your unicycle. A more expensive unicycle will last much longer. But like you say, if you don’t need a more expensive unicyle, it makes no sense to spend the money, however, a cheap unicycle may begin to limit what you are able to do.

Do they still make Zephyrs?? :thinking:

I own/have owned
3 x 20 inch unis
2 x 24 inch unis
1 x 26 inch uni
2 x 28 inch uni
1 x Coker

The closest comparison I can make is between my Pashley 26 MUni and my KH24 MUni. I have done many miles on my Pashley. I jumped on my KH24 for the first ime and could not believe the immediate difference.

It’s a combination of lightness, having the weight in the right place, the right amount of flex, a strong wheel, good tyre, light cranks…

Likewise when I went from my first 28 to one with a custom made wheel - the difference was very noticeable.

You can have a lot of fun on a basic uni. A better one really is better, though. It isn’t just “king’s new clothes”.

Expensive uni?

Yeah, I finally figured out it’s Chris Holm not Horn. I know that expensive unis are much better made/last longer. I’m always tightening my bolts on my Avenir 24" when I’m riding. I’m usually pretty tough on them even though I don’t go off road or do jumps. I want to eventually do some commuting in NYC. I should have said that from the beginning. Then I’ll try gettin’ tricky after that. I wouldn’t want to have a uni under 24".

I also am trying to start a Brooklyn faction of the NY Unicycle Club. I have been to some meetings and always have a great time there. Pass the word on to all the unicyclists in NY!!!

You’re getting closer, but it’s Kris Holm :slight_smile:

Do those bolts stick into the side of your frame, or at the very bottom? If on the side, that’s a great reason right there.

You don’t need to spend very much money to get something you will like WAY more

There is no need to go ‘very expensive’ in order to have a great unicycle


Seriously though. If you want to just commute I’d say get a nice seat on what you have and you’ll be fine.

Are you telling me i just spent $800 on a crappy KH imitation?


just one question? how can you say you work it pretty hard if you don’t trick, hop, drop or muni?

‘we’ use specialised unicycles mainly because we don’t only commute and if we did only commute (well at least if i did) i’d probably want more than a 10o$ (or is it 3 unis collectively costing 1o0$/£50?) for comfort, durability and aesthetics.

When to upgrade?

  1. When you break your unicycle.
  2. When the unicycle limits what you can do.
    I’m on my 5th unicycle, because the first 3 broke, and I needed a trials as well as muni. Stay with a cheep unicycle until it limits what you can do.