What makes a unicyclist a poser?

Except for the God part, I’m with you on this Seager.

Someone who walks around with uni skateboard etc (Look at me im a unicyclist!) but never actually ride it or try…:slight_smile:


Where did you get that way-too-small image of a real “poser?” Can you blow it up any? Does this thread belong in JC or what?

It’s like a centaur, except rather than a horse there’s a wheel.

That was just for me to test how well KH unicycles bounce on Santa Barbara freeways.

After seeing Harpers pic, I realize that I’m just a poser poser.

This one is pretty close to what I would think of as a poser. If they own the unicycles but don’t ride, that’s part of it. But sometimes this happens because we don’t have enough time, or change interests. We’re not posers then.

No, that would be a liar (or exaggerator or boaster). To me a poser is something else. I think of the skiers who dress in the latest ski fashion and have fancy gear, but you only see them in the lodge and never out in the actual snow. They are not necessarily saying they can do things they can’t, but through their image, attempt to suggest it.

That’s not a poser. What’s wrong with buying a nice unicycle to learn to ride on? We frequently see this on the trails in Auburn, guys on $2000 mountain bikes who have absolutely no riding skills. If they’re standing next to the car, they might be a poser. But we see them out on the trail, riding.

Brett Bymaster set us straight on our attitudes about those guys. He reminded us we must praise everybody who buys the expensive gear. A rough quote: “Those guys are paying for the R&D that brings new technologies to the market and also brings the prices down. We need those guys.” Remember, this was at a time when a Pashley was the state-of-the art in mountain unicycles.

What’s wrong with buying expensive equipment? Maybe the guy works so much he can hardly ever get out to the trails and ride. Maybe he works in the Bay area and it’s a 3-hour drive out to these trails? We don’t know.

So to me a poser is someone who pretends to be something they’re not. But one glance doesn’t identify a poser. You have to be around them enough to see if they ever do what they imply they do. If they do it, even if they suck at it, they’re not posers.

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This is a thread about POSERS. I couldn’t POSSIBLY make this thread any more useless.

I find a lot of people think I am showing off whenever i ride so then they think i am some sort of poser, when i am actually just practicing. It just gets frustrating when ever i ride i feel like i have to ‘perform’ for people

Mike is a poser poser. He really rides (well), but claims to be a poser.

i didnt say that. but by the same token, if you can ride some elevated skinny and all that bs, but can do a 2ft drop then id have to scratch my head. its not that hard. especially if you have good enough trials skills.

Sure, but I think you’re missing the point I was trying to make…the point that you left out when quoting me…
“It’s all about attitudes, not ability.”

…and how did riding elevated skinnies come into this?


I’m a unicycling poser…I have 150+ posts on this forum and still don’t have a unicycle.


but youre cool. and thats what matters.

I could’ve told you that.



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