What makes a unicyclist a poser?

well in response to this thread that was bumped, i thought backwards and decided to make this thread. so what makes a unicyclsit a psoer in your opinion?

It’s hard to be a poser on a uni. Some people manage it, but they still can ride, and so they’re not exactly posing.

Unicycling encompasses everything from basic riding to hardcore MUni and Trials, so there’s a lot of leeway.

However, someone who rides a kh pro series and can’t keep up with, say, my dad on a basic MUni ride is a poser. Or a tech weenie, but it’s kinda the same thing.

calling someone a poser is too subjective with unicycling. but i guess someone who basically doesnt enjoy it yet still does it because they get attention or whatever could be a poser.

My definition of a unicycling poser is somebody who cares more about his or her image than about the joys of riding a unicycle.


all too tru

I agree with Andrew 100%.

I joke around a bit about how “It’s all about looking sexy/good” when riding.

my brother…

he can’t actually jump up 3 pallets, but he says he can

I think there is a difference between a how do you say… fibber, and a poser. But the line is a thin one. I myself have said I can land things, when I’ve only done it once or twice, and later learned to do it.

I’m a total poser.

WAY true. yes. exactly. that’s a poser. Also what ntappin said. if they don’t enjoy it and do it for attention, its not cool. at all.


…as long as you’re enjoying the unicycling while looking sexy. :slight_smile: Then I guess you’d be posing, but not a poser.


theres a lot of unicyclists around Moscow that we refer to as posers…see, there’s three or four of us who are real unicyclists who go riding a lot. but there’s about ten or fifteen people who learned to ride for the sake of learning to ride, and they have really nice MUni’s or trials unicycles, but never ever go riding. we call 'em posers.

i thought i poser was someone who says they can do something but they cant…?


I think it’s moreso putting off (or trying to put off) the image of being really good at something without having put your time in to get good at it. like if you’ve got a guy who walks around with really expensive skateboard gear and whatever shoes jeans and shirts and hair are fashionable that particular week in the skateboarding world, but can’t actually do an ollie or whatever the basic trick is on those things. I don’t know myself, they’re a mystery to me.


I swear to God if one more of you use the term “poser”…

A poser is simply a word people label other people as so that they can feel cooler and define themselves as not being a poser.

If someone who sucks rides a KH pro series, so be it. Maybe they plan on working up to being able to use it to it’s max. Maybe they have money to spare, so what? It’s not like unicycling has it’s own clothing style like skaters do. Please don’t call people posers. It makes you lame. :slight_smile:

basically yea a poser to me is either someone with like some 400 dollar uni that just sux. or its a person who has tried tricks and stuff, but quit early on and labels themselves as a ‘trials’ unicyclist just cuz theyre no good and its a way to make people think theyre good. not sayin some arent good at trials im just saying hopping off 2 ft doesnt make you a trials unicyclist at all.


Yeah, those unicycles on the roof of your Honda Ugly are just for show. You obviously have no idea how to ride 'em. :smiley:

But are you saying that if you can’t drop 2’ you’re not a trials unicyclist? I hope not! It’s all about attitudes, not ability.