What makes a UNICON to something special

Though there was much discussion, there was never such a rule. We ask Freestyle performers to try to use common sense and good taste (but I don’t think that’s in the rules either).

God, I would so love to go to one of these things…is a UniCon newbie-friendly? Meaning, do I have to actually be good at all to really enjoy myself?

All depends on you, if you hate thinking about other people being able to do stuff you can;t yet, you won;t lik eit. On the other hand… if you want to be inspired and learn new stuff and join in at the level you can and enjoy yourself, well then you will enjoy it. Any one can join in, only one person can win.

I would say it’s very newbie friendly! Not only will you meet many cool and interesting people but some of them will inspire you. And you’ll see so many things that make you say, “wow that is amazing and impossible”. Plus there are many workshops on a variety of different skills from beginners to expert. Plus there will be tons of people that you can ask questions to and ask for help trying to learn something new. So what are you waiting for? Register now!!

I’m guessing this comment might have something to do with the routine I did in 2002 in Seattle. See here: tastelessness at unicon for more details.

Although some poeple say it was a political routine, it was more of a tribute than anything. Looking back on that thread, it’s funny to see how I’ve changed a lot of my opinions about what I thought in 2002…

Even though a Unicon is both a competition and convention, it is actually harder to work on the convention side. I have been talking with Franz about this and he has agreed to try something that was done in Unicon X for workshops. The link is below if you wanted to look at was done at that Unicon for workshops (look at the bottom of the page to see the form to submit a new workshop). There was moderate success for the workshops at that Unicon for a variety of reasons but hopefully this Unicon could go a step farther.


I’ve never been to a Unicon but here are my ideas :

  • to all the people who attended a Unicon, think about the one you prefered and why you liked it, what you prefered !!
  • for the other people , you might have been to another uni convention, ask yourself the same questions.

About the workshops, there are different events I’d like to see :

  • a fun game time : without games that are in competitions, all the games you can do on a uni. We will have a uni game convention in April in France and we will see which are the best games. But we can also imagine that each country have to propose one game
  • a Ceilidh evening (please, people from UK, you have to organize this !) and if some people from other countries want to propose other traditional dances.
  • A video contest (I’m working on the rules, I’ll tell you more soon)
  • Different meetings/group discussions :
  • One guy from France proposed one with the « autumni » people,
  • It might be interesting to have a meeting with the uni teachers and the people who want to teach. People can explain each others what they do…
  • one with the directors of the different national uni associations, to talk about what they do, their problems…
  • one to improve the basketball rules

It would be a good idea to use the form Andy pointed out.
But to improve what was done in Beijing, I think we should not just have one organizer but a team, if possible with people from different countries, with one leader. We also have to already think about when we organize them. And we should try to have an idea about who are interested in the workshops offered.

I’ll be ok to be in charge of the video contest and find the team. I would be involved in the group discussion with the directors of the different national uni associations.
I’ll try to get some people involved in the « fun game time » and the « basketball rules » group discussion.

For the traditional workshops, I think we should ask very good riders to organize some and maybe pay them for that. As many people may be interested to attend, maybe we can ask the good riders who are also good teachers to organize the same workshop 3 times during the Unicon and ask people not to attend more than one. Another solution can be, to keep the « volunteer » idea of the worshops, and ask lots of different good riders.

During the last conventions I’ve been to, I really liked :

  • the HLM (parisian association) convention for the ambiance, specially the nice parties under the big top with people playing musics,
  • the Danish Muni and Trial Convention, with not to many events but really well organized, time to talk and practice together. And such a nice Trial course, lots of easy zone for beginners, really hard ones
  • BUC, GMTW, HLM Muni week, French Cup… the people I met during lunch, dinner, beer time. And the long and sometimes hard but so cool Muni rides. I think it is better to have small groups for the Muni.


Okay guys it seems that we’ll have our French Muni week in the Alpes this year, it will happen right after Unicon, those of you who might be interrested let me know here or PM

We’ll bring extra tents in order to give shelter for those who come from overseas, for the time being we are considering staying at a camping in Chatel, France, not far at all from The Unicon and fairly accessible by train (remember this is Europe :D).

A bientôt.

What dates are you looking at? I might be interested depending on when it is…

Wow the UNICONS look fun sadly i cant make it, probally not for a couple years unless it is close…

I’m interested, but please tell us more, such as dates.

More news is coming as soon as I get dates and confirmation for the place I’ll let you know. Expect more news by Tuesday latest.

Some people will be there from Saturday the 29th (they’re not planning to go to Unicon), but of course most of us will arrive the 2nd or 3rd. We’ll stay at least until the 6th (Sunday), but maybe until the 8th or 9th depending on how many people wanna stay longuer…

It seems a great place for Muni!!
Did you have a look at the “Bike Park” video? (click on 2) www.chatel.com/www-video-1056-ETE-UK.html

That does look pretty damn sweet and I might go for a day or two. Guess it depends on if I’m all Muni’d out from Unicon or not…

Is there any such thing as being muni’d out ? Never happened to me :sunglasses:

Maybe Next year I’ll have the money and the ability to get wherever it is and maybe some new Unicycles to show off, then again it all depends on how willing people are to give me money and if I can get in more hours at work this summer.

I have never been to a Unicon but I was at the last TOque (2005) and my favorite part from that was a couple infromal street ride type dealys I went on with a few other riders outside the convention centre. I like riding street so that being said it wouldn’t have to be street, whatever style you like. It was really laidback and easygoing and you really got to know the other riders well and learn from them. I don’t know the structure of unicon but I think its a good idea to allow for just some general - non competing, non parading, non workshop, ride time, in addition to those cause they are great too.

When (not specific dates unless they are set) and where (country) are the upcoming Unicons? I’m really interested in attending.


I believe the next UNICON will be in Denmark in the summer of 2008. It will be a lot of fun, so if you are thinking about going, try to start saving now.