What makes a trick Blind?

I just don’t get it what makes it blind, or fakie, or inward?

It dosen’t make any sense…well at least to me :thinking:

A paperbag over the head!

Look I asked a serious question and If you don’t wan’t to contribute shut the FUCK up.

Well if you’re gonna be like that maybe we just won’t tell you.

Thanks man!

To answer your question: I hear the search button can give interesting results sometimes.

At least your not kicking me while i’m down. I thank you for critizizing my rudness and not my knowledge.

Please dont curse!
I think blind is the opposite way of spinning than what you usually do.
So like a blind 360 Unispin would be spinning the Uni opposite of the way you usually spin it.

(some one correct me if i’m wrong)

I tried the search button…Just not the right keywords I guess.


Man, I wasn’t trying to criticise or diminish you in any way. I was just trying to make a funny. If you’d seen Ill, then you’d recognise the reference.

Sorry man. I guess my sense of humour is a pile of crap if people react to it that way. Oh well. A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

I thought it was funny:D

Ok i’m trying to controll my anger but seriously this is one of the things that pisses me off the most. You don’t do it to me and I won’t do it to you. Please respect me I’m just trying to further my knowledge of the sport. I admit I overreacted but that isn’t an exuse to make fun of me.

Well, I’ll just have to carry on, then.

In all actuallity it is but it would of been funnier if he put the link in with it.

also i’ve searched my ass off for ill and CAN’T find it.

blind you spin the wrong way

fakie you ride in backwards

inward I have no idea (I think it only applies when you are doing a regular spin and a unispin)

Dude, relax. If you react to it this way people will just keep making fun of you. And I wasn’t trying to make fun of you in the first place, I was just joking. The second quote I had to alter somewhat to be more family-appropriate, sorry.

Anyway, like they say on these forums: let’s just ride.

Peace, man.

You got a really bad way of delivering your jokes.

From what I saw you were the only one making fun.

Anyways thanks for all the help.


QuickTime. Wmv.

I’ll find the hq download link in a minute if you promise not to swear.

Hmm, they seem to have removed both of the hq Ill files. You could try this torrent if you like or send a pm to Olarf, I’m sure he’d put it back up for you(if you asked nicely).

I f***ing promise not to swear. :smiley: Thanks man

Okay, but seriosly try not to use any swear words even if you put $&"& signs in. I’m sure most of the people on here would appreciate it, this is supposed to be a family-friendly forum. Putting %$&* signs in is like using a silencer when shooting someone, you still do it, but quietly. If you feel like you really have to swear on this forum, come to MR.

Anyway, keep it wheel.