What made you wanna ride?

Just a quick curiosity question, what’s your story?What made you wanna ride?Where did your first uni end up?What type of uni was it?That type of stuff.Remember, it’s just plain curiosity, nothing bad.

Anyways, I saw a monkey in a uni on a cartoon, and I was excited, though I had seen uni’s before, I hadn’t seen them being ridden, I just saw a picture on my textbook of one(3 people thinking, one of a bike, another of a trike, the last one, with the biggest smile, a uni) and I spontaneously decided I wanted to ride.It was in between the middle and the end of October, and since my birthday’s in November 1, it was just around the corner, so I just said, “I want a unicycle for my birthday!” 'cause, come to think of it, I was thinking about what I wanted for my birthday, and the only other thing on my wish list was a new doll to sleep with.Eventually, we went on a long trip and on the way back, we stopped at a cycle shop.I was still in the car and my parents got out of the car and picked a unicycle(I didn’t see the selection, I only saw one) and it was the smallest one they had.When I saw they were calling me to come in, I thought, “What the heck do I want from a cycle shop?” and at that moment I remembered nothing about the unicycle 'cause I was still sleepy(I get sleepy on long rides) and I came in and saw them holding a unicycle and they told me to try to get on it and that it was the smallest one in the shop.I instantly remembered when I saw the uni.I got on with lots of help and held on tightly to Mom and Dad and then, after actually purchasing the unicycle, I just rode back to the car, holding on very tightly to my parents, of course.Eventually, I learned how to ACTUALLY ride.

Kris Holm off of You Gotta See This… buying a uni, best buy of my life.


Sitting on the grass bored. Randomly decide to get a uni and this is what happened.

well, my parents didnt know what to get me for christmas last year, so they got me a unicycle. i rode around a circular table in the snow, and in 2 days i could ride reasonably well, and in a week i could anywhere i wanted. one rainy weekend i discovered the unicycling world on the internet, and discovered what people could do on a unicycle.
5 unis and $550 later, here i am.

Years ago I wanted one. Lost interest in it, and saw my friend Phil with his uni, which reminded me about how much I wanted one. School got out, I forgot about it again. My friend mike got one, then I wanted one again. My b-day was coming up, and I got one.

I guess I just always wanted to ride, and I enver saw anything about it, just thuoght it was kool.

my brother got one and i relly onted to ride but i was to small for it so i wated a year till i was big anuff and i had already learnd to mount so wean i started i lerned prity fast with a lot of determination to be beater than my brother but by then he could ride 6 stairs backards:(

Kris Holm and Kila.

I live in the middle of the woods and I thought it would be cool to learn to unicyle on the trails by my house. I got my first uni for christmas. It was really made for road riding but I took it on light xc trails a lot. When i got into extreme muni the rim bent to a horrible angle and got real hard to ride. I have a really good muni now which takes the place of my old retired uni who has taken up residence in my garage.

Bkes became too boring, so I thought a unicycle would be different. The word spread slowly around my family that I wanted a unicycle. My uncle likes to collect old bkes and had an old unicycle laying around. He gave it to me and before you knew it I was leaving blue tire marks all around my driveway.

An english teacher in my school started up an extra-curricular activity of circus skills, where we could juggle, do diablo, spin plates, the usual, and of course, unicycle. A guy from the UK called Ben got the teacher to buy like twenty unicycles and Ben got all of us to learn. I was excited because I like to learn new skills, but it took me ages since we could only practice for an hour once a week. Once we could all ride a bit Ben got us to play Uni Hockey (apprently Ben is a big Uni Hockey player and missed playing it, which is why he got us to learn!).
Then I convinced my parents to get me a unicycle, and the only ones available in Singapore back then were these no-branded types from a cycle shop. I named it Sparky because when I touched the seat post bolts in the shop, some sort of shiny metal came off and flittered down like little sparks. Being a bit of a loner in this school as a boarder I now had something to do :slight_smile:
I’ve just bought my second unicycle having discovered this world (very late) and am now waiting for someone to buy Sparky so they can learn too.

It’s a long story.

When I was revising for my nursing finals I revised with the application of learning theories - namely that you remember the first & last 10 mins of what you have been reading the best. So I would read for 20 mins then do something else. And the something else I decided to do was (no not learn to unicycle but) learn to juggle. So (after passing my finals) I messed around with 3 balls for about ten years on and off. Then I decided to learn to juggle 5 (can’t remeber why), so I went to a local juggling convention and joined a local circus club in an effort to remain motivated. I learned my 5 ball juggling, also learned to spin poi, twirl staff and clubs, juggle clubs, a little bit of diabolo and finally there were 2 things left I hadn’t tried - stilts (which I had no interest in) and unicycling (which I believed was impossible). One day, spurred on with the idea of accomplishing the impossible and with a little bit of money burning a hole in my pocket, I bought a no named learner. I took it to the club, promptly fell off backwards, hurt myself and was laughed at by one of the not so nice kids. I threw the uni into the garage.

A year later I was 39 and decided I needed a challenge to accomplish before my 40th birthday. So the uni came out of the garage. The club had changed and said not so nice kid was no longer around. Nobody laughed too much at the thought of me learning (anyway by then I was co-running the club so they would have been banned if they had :smiley: ). Several weeks later, to my total joy and amazement, I could ride the thing.

I have remained joyful and amazed with unicycling since then.


I had had random thoughts about unicycle for years. Was in one of the shops where they sell those two wheeled thingies and noted a unicycle. 'Asked the proprietor about it and wound up ordering one.
For months later riding up to a mile without UPD, freemounting about 10%,two wheeled thingie rusting quietly-------hooked!!!

a friend already had one…

I wanted to do something that noone else i knew could do…So i bought a learner uni from the b*ke shop i now work at. Ive only been riding for 11months and ive got 3 unis. I started to get more extreme when i got my first Trials uni in Febuary of thsi year. Now i have a Custom Trials , A Custom Muni and my old learner. and ive spen over $1600 on unis in just under a year

A few years ago around christmas time i saw an ad in a magazine for a unicycle…now, since i am the type of person who enjoys somewhat odd/out of the ordinary hobbies (i.e. i take intrest in uncommon instruments like the bagpipes and harp)…well i saw this ad in the magazine and told my mom that is waht i really wanted for christmas…lo and behold come christmas morning and i had myself my very first unicycle(a very crappy jugglebug type) and boy was i excited. i quickly bolted it together and ran outside. i hopped on and very shortly fell off. a few more attempts and i could sit on it while holding the wall. i spent all christmas day and the day after clinging to that wall…then i moved on to riding down my driveway. then around my block…then anywhere i wished…then IT BROKE! so i searched on ebay for a new unicycle, so i saved up my 80 dollars(which i thought was a ludacris amount to spend on a unicycle, haha) the uni got here and i thought it was the greatest thing in the world… it lasted me about a year and a half and then i snapped the seatpost…after that i went on a 3 month riding hiatus(also partly due to it being winter) so a year after i recieved my first unicycle i bought a new seatpost for my torker and resumed riding…skateboarding began to influence my riding and i started jumping stairsets and doing other things like that(i still had no knowledge of the unicycle community) the torker lasted about 9 months before i broke a crank. when i got back on the internet to find a new crank for it i found this here website. what a discovery! i wasnt alone in my crazy street unicycling! boy was i happy.
that was only a few months ago. and then once again my uni broke…except this time it was a fatal blow to the uni…
so then i purchased the nimbus hoppley and continued my adventures.

^that was long. haha

mins kinda funny. awhile back my friend could ride a wheelie forever and his dad said he might get him a uni. i thought it might be cool to ride one. but my b-day had passed and i wasnt getting money anytime soon so i gave up on it. then later on i had $80 bucks in my pocket and me and my family were watching master of chamions and then the uni part came on. and i thought “hey that looks like fun!” so 2 weeks later i went to richardson bike mart and we were looking around.( i already had the one i wated chose out a torker lx) and then this guy stopped us and asked if we needed some help. so we asked and talked then pretty much right in the middle of the sentence my dad goes ok well take that one. and first off he said i couldnt spend more than $100 but the torker was 130 and i was shoked also we are going on a trip soon and i thought i would have to wait until after we get back. so i got really luvky that day. and a week later i was riding perfectly.

That’s exciting!Well, more exciting than mine anyways!

I’m always a sucker for this question.

At 49, work was crazy stressfully, and I was out of shape. Unicycling is both a terrific distraction from work and a great exercise. Luckily I had learned how to ride as kid and you don’t forget how to uni.

#1: Andy, when typing, a space goes between the end of a sentence and the next word. Like this.

#2: I started by finding this forum via StumbleUpon, a Mozilla Firefox extension, and I think it was under the category of Extreme Sports. I read a bunch of posts here, watched a lot of videos, and saved up for my Torker CX with free copy of Defect. Haven’t looked back yet.

my dad had his old one lying around in the barn, and he would ride it when our relatives would come over. sometime around 4th or 5th grade, i decided i wanted to learn, so my dad lowered the seat and let me use it. it took a couple of weeks, but as i know now, was totally worth it. i learned on an ancient schwinn (at least 30 yrs. old)