what made you carry on?

Seen lot’s of posts about why you started but why did you stick @ it?

i met will stevens once and saw him riding

To make sure that I didn’t give up, I shelled out “a lot” of money on my first (and only) unicycle. Also, I think that unicycling is not hard compared to other things. One can dedicate 10 hours practice on any skill and see results. Seeing results motivates the rider to keep trying.

i would say i carried on because i found out bout muni and trials.Freestyle is cool but it makes me mad trying to do the same thing over and over and not feeling like your getting anywhere.If i could thank one thing for keeping going i would have to say it was Phil he has really helped me as a rider thanks man!

I had a borrowed P.O.S. Troxel. I gave up a whole bunch of times because that thing was nearly impossible to ride even when it was brand new (now it’s even harder).

But I eventually picked it up and went back at it for two reasons:

  1. It was sitting in the corner, laughing at me.

  2. I had seen other kids from my neighborhood on unicycles, and I knew these kids were not especially gifted in any way. This was the key. If they could do it, there was no reason I could not. So I wasn’t going to give up. Until the P.O.S. fell apart. Then there was a three year gap before I really learned to ride…


I think its a Zen thing.

I don’t mean to get all new-agey on you guys, but I think there’s something to this.

When you are unicycling, you are really living in the present moment, undistracted by the thoughts of daily life.

When you’re riding single track muni, doing trials, going 15mph on a coker, coasting/gliding/riding one-footed, etc etc, there is NO ROOM FOR YOUR MIND TO WANDER. You are focused exactly on the present moment.

Then there’s the fitness factor. For me, keeping fit is a matter of finding things I enjoy that happen to keep me in shape. Unicycling is the best workout that never feels like one.
Being fit gives you more energy and this tends to put a person in better spririts.

Oh yeah, then there’s the attention. C’mon, you KNOW you like it. Unicycling is NOT for the anti-social.


It is something that goes through your mind after getting back from a ride when you’ve had nothing but smartarse comments, crap jokes and insults… why?!

But… then you go for a muni the day after, and it’s a whole new world… challenging, excellent fun, great exercise, wonderful countryside and a better class of people around.

Oooooooo yes.


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what kept u…

I have poor sense of balance and it is quite a challange for me.
It stays being a challange so I have a lot of fun.:slight_smile:

Re: what made you carry on?

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You can Back out of that.

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be sure to remove the saddle and simply sit on the seat post. this is far more comfortable - tennisgh22 on the comfort of Savage unis

Re: Satori

I told another friend tonight about unicycling. She said she’d love to try it but better drink a couple of beers first. I said don’t you dare! I can’t even imagine doing this even if I wasn’t fully rested, let alone tipsy!!

It was the kind of thing you always want to get done. Like climbing Everest or making a million dollars. Everyone thinks about it but never does. For me, when I see someone doing something I think is really cool I need to be able to do it too. Then one day I had 90 bucks that had been sitting around for 3 months. I had nothing to do with it and figured I ought to start unicycling. Then I just figured “I spent the money, learn to ride and get real freaking good.”

I’m still working on getting real freaking good.

Honestly, I found this site. It opened a whole new world of options up. Seeing videos of people doing crazy stuff, and just having all your questions answered. I had no idea there was so far to go on a unicycle. Also this site showed me trials which is pretty damn cool, and was something else for me to do.