what luck

i went into the shop today and they had 1 Alex DX32 24 inch rim with machined sidewalls and eyelits in stock!!! just one…unbelivable.

whats better is i got to see it before buying it,i love that.it was $42 dollars too.

this Alex’s rim joint looks nice and tight,unlike the defective one i got last time.

i tore apart my 29er last week and will use the Profile hub to build up a new Muni.it has begun!

I hope the Super 29er will live again…

Have fun on this new project.


Is it luck?

Good luck in permanently locating your shift key Jagur! :stuck_out_tongue:
It must keep moving on you (shifting). One would think you might have mastered it after 3000+ posts. They say practise makes perfect but in your case I disagree. Have fun re-rebuilding your MUni, and whatever else you are doing with it.

oh it will,as soon as i get the original hub back from S,Howard it will be reborn with 138mm cranks and hopefully (if i can find one) a Schwalbe tyre.