What length Spokes to Order lacing KH ISIS to 36 Impulse

Hi, Just wondering if someone knew off the top what length spokes should be ordered to build a KH ISIS hub into a 36 Nimbus Impulse Rim? Figuring a 14 gauge is best , but open to thoughts or suggestions. I’ve reading previous threads that a wider hub is best for the drilled rims, from a lateral strength standpoint, so it begs to ask whether some thought about the KH being wide enough to build a strong 36er wheelset with it? Also realizing not too many options, but figured I’d ask.

Nimbus 36 Impulse Rim.jpg


Ask UDC.

See if you get DB spokes, this’ll cut some weight, also look at going tubeless, the 36er tube is way heavy.

Have you considered getting the Nimbus alloy disc hub?

The 36er wheel is not all that stable, so a wider hub might help, but then it’s also worth considering how much weaker the rim will be with all those holes :wink:

Ti hub cuts 6-8 ounces, hmmmmm.

Tubeless Possible?

Thanks, not worried about the weight so much. Although all your suggestions are great.

It would seem like a tubless setup on a rim with 36 drilled holes is a bit contradictory, but understood on the heavy 36 tube. The eventual plan is a Ti Frame, shaving Frame weight, only to add it back with a heavy tube seems silly. The Hub is already purchased, so def. going with this one. And planning on applying Mountainuni external ISIS Disc Brake system. Seems like UDC’s hub is so popular that it’s already out of stock

Nimbus Impulse RIM is same as used by KH except drilled holes …

Based on KH web site, it should be :
14G SS with brass nipples. Spoke length: 371mm (Moment Hub) / 362mm (KH-Schlumpf)
But pretty sure that this was for original Moment hub with steel flanges not for aluminum flanges !

Best is to ask to UDC:p