What Leg Protection is Best?

I’m wondering the pros and cons of KH percussion, 661 and other brands. What stuff do you guys use, find best for unicycling?

Any info would be great thanks.

i brought 661 4x4s about a week ago and find them to be really good. i havent tried any other leg protection but these 661s are great for me. :slight_smile:

I have the KH percussion leg armor and I really like them. I could have gone with the 661’s but with how often my legs are covered in blood from petal bites, I figured I didn’t want to skimp on it because after all, the KH’s are the only leg armor designed for unicycling!:smiley:

I have tried the KH percussion, the 661 4 by 4s, and the 661 veggie wraps.

Imo, the Khs are so much superior to all of these it is ridiculous.

definitely worth the extra money to me.

Ive used 661 4x4s and these Speedstuff things…(kinda like veggie wraps) and I love the 661s, they are cheap and awesome.

ive heard people say 661s are better than the KHs but I cant say, seeing I have not used the KH pads.


one of the big things I do not like about the 661s is their lack of protection. They take forever to put on, and I still get pedal bites through them. They also get destroyed quickly.

Ive heard KHs get destoyed easier, and big whop of taking 15 seconds longer to do them up. And KHs have a big gap out the back.

says someone who has never used them.

yes, and 661s have a thin bit of cheap fabric.

someone who has had KH pads went to 661s when his KH pads were warn.

tsg for flatland is really good, no knee guards…

– bobousse

I bought some $6 soccer pads today at Bif 5 Sporting Goods and so far their good.

They take me a few mins, and you might ahve the ones with no plastic in them, cause its impossable for me to get a bite in the front, and it hardly happens in the back for me.

Ive had mine for over a year now and I dont plan on buying any other pair for another year.

the 2008 4x4s look ace. that’s what I’m probably going to go with when my current pads die. the KH pads are nice looking and all, but for the money i’m going to stick with the 4x4s.

on another note, is anyone planning on getting 661s new evo knee pads?

They got pushed back until april :frowning:

I like my good old roach pads, hotter than hell, but I haven’t even had a scratch after a year and a half of twice a week MUni riding. I tested them out well as soon as I got them.

I wear Raceface, I like them but the elastic is stretched out pretty bad and the mesh in the back gets pedal bites through it pretty easy even though it doesn’t happen often. I like my Raceface stuff but as soon as these wear out I’m buying some 661 4X4 I think… I might try some KH leg protection too though I don’t quote know what I’m going to get now…

I’ve had my 4x4’s for years now and they are still going. I’ve dented them in, broken pallets with them, the whole 9 yards and they are still going. The back fabric is a life saver as well from pedal bites during wierd muni falls.

The KH’s are more expensive and don’t have as good rear protection. I’ve never used them, however, but I don’t see why I’d spend more $$$ when the 661’s are perfect.

My buddy just got the 2008’s. The replaced the plastic stays with a new kind of guard the protects him just as well (He’s done some narly falls) and yet he feels a breeze on his shins while riding. You can even see through them. SixSixOne for the win!

I’ve ridden 661s for years, i find they tend to pull down over the knee in high speed crashes. Never had a pedal bits through them but I have scrapped my knee while they’re on. Also I’ve pretty much destroyed one from each of two pairs , when i did trials they would wear on the frame and then break chunks out of the armour on the front. Might well swap to KH when the time comes.

I bought the 661 4x4 yesterday. I was going to buy KH but it’s out of stock and I’m glad I got the 661’s now, they were $10 NZ more. From what you guys are saying it sounds like 661’s are really good.

The 661’s have fabric around the back, which is better than nothing! I often get a pedal in the back of my leg when attempting uni-spins and other similar tricks and although there’s sometimes a little bruising but atleast the pedal doesn’t rip open your leg. Definitely need protection on the back of your leg in my opinion.

There’s nylon pads in the front which definitely protect the front and sides of your leg very well.

They seemed a bit uncomfortable to ride in at first so I had them loose at the top but now I’ve got used to them so I can have them tighter.

And yeah I s’pose they take a while to put on, but not a big issue.

How tight do you do them up? I s’pose they do pull down below your knee slightly if you fall on them at speed but I guess that’s kinda to do with how tight you have them.