What kinda...

What kind of unicycles does everyone have (brand, model etc.)

Most ppl go with kh… so for trials its a kh 20 and for dh it’s kh 24 for long distance tho ppl get cokers…I my self got a bedford unicycles at www.bedfordunicycles.ca … you should order from there too awesome service and everything

i have a bedford trials non splined which i am upgrading to splined in about a month.

i have a bedford with kh/onza hub and crank set.

Bedford 24 Hardcore MUni. Profile hub and cranks, kh saddle, 3 in tire. Powder coated orange.

i have a stock torker lx with haro bmx pedals

I have a united frame with profile hub and crankset and maxxis creepy crawler tire

My favorite is my 2005 Torker Dx 24!:smiley:
I also have a Sun 28 w/Viscount Saddle(ouch) :angry:
I also have a Torker 20 in. for learning stuff:)
and a little 16 in. I just play with to get peoples attention!:wink:

custom trials consisting of:

kh frame
primo supertenderizers/jim cs/dmr v8’s
tomson post
kh fusion
14g spokes
freeride rim

Custom Trials:

20" Nimbus II frame
KH 2003 hub (140 cranks)
Wellgo pedals (soon to be DMR V8’s)
Alex rim
Maxxis CC tyre
KH gel seat

Stockish Muni:

26" Nimbus II frame
Alex rim
UDC hub (when it breaks i will replace it with a Qu-ax hub)
Prowheel cranks (170)
26"x3" duro tyre
KH seat
KH rail adapter
Pyramid seat post
DX pedals

see them here


Upgraded Trials:

2003/4 Model Onza 20" Trials

  • 06 KH Fusion Saddle
  • Scott Wallis CF Seatbase + Deathgrip Handle
  • Thomson Seatpost
  • Odyssey Jimmy C Pedals
  • 127mm KH/Onza 05 Cranks.

Custom Muni:

GB4 26" Wide Clearance Frame
26" Surly Large Marge Rim
Nokian Gazzaloddi Tyre
DDR Driver Custom Cranks
DMR V12 Pedals
UDC Gel Saddle + Standard 25.2mm Seatpost.
Magura HS33 Hydraulic Rim Brake.


UDC “adult learner” 20"
Standard apart from the tyre (Primo Wall) and a bit more foam stuffed in the seat.

Nimbus 26x3" muni.
Also standard, apart from the cranks (152mm Prowheel) and pedals (DMR V8)

Rob (secretly lusting after a KH29 but can’t justify the expense)

Standard 05 Kris Holm 20" trials
Grrrrreat oh yeah

Just a stock torker CX 24" 2005 with viscount seat and a stock Torker DX 24" 2006.

2 Torker DX 24s (2004 and 2006), one set up for muni (the '06) the other set up for street.

Custom home built 29

Stock Kh '05 Freerie with DMR V12 pedals

Custom Muni (for sale) :smiley:

Onza '05 Trials

Torker TX Giraffe

A 20" cottered norco from around 1980 with a pedal held together with duct tape.

And a 2006 Torker DX, which is much nicer :slight_smile:

24’’ sun and a 20’’ sun flat top

Re: What kinda…

On Wed, 15 Mar 2006 16:56:36 -0600, jpkahoosbt wrote:

>What kind of unicycles does everyone have (brand, model etc.)

Someone by the name of daino149 wanted to know this too and started a
thread with the clear title “Uni Count”. :slight_smile:


stock udc 24" dodger!!:stuck_out_tongue: