What Kind of Unicycle...?

On what kind of Unicycle did you first learn to ride?

I learned on a 20" Sears and Roebuck. It was very cheaply made. It had a very hard seat with maybe 1/4" of padding. The crank was all one piece. The crank was one long bent piece of 3/8" metal bar. It ran as the axle of one pedal, bent at 90 degrees to become the crank, then bent again at 90 degrees and went through the hub, then continued out the other side, repeating this sequence to the end of the other pedal.

The pedals were very hard, yet smooth plastic. They were held on by a fastener that you hammered onto the end of the axle. Many riding toys come with this type of fastener to hold on their wheels today. The frame was silver, with red seat and pedals. Also, it had a little crown cover that was molded red plastic.

The cranks developed about an inch of slop in them. With each pedal stroke, the crank would fall forward with about an inch of freefall. To transition to going backward, the cranks would first have to do the little inch of slip, then you could go backward. This made idling very hard.

When a finally bought my first Schwinn, a 24" model, I thought I had died and went to Unicycle Heaven! -

So, on what kind of unicycle did you learn to ride? -chirokid–

savage 5’ chrome giraffe

and then i bought a 1976 vintage schwinn 24" that was a good bit different, especially with 4" cranks.

Torker 24" Black Stealth Model. I thought it was the most amazing unicycle ever made. Then I found this place. :astonished: Talk about keeping up with the Jones’. I ran it over with my jeep, and found it would be cheaper to buy another Uni than repair the rim. So I kindly bought my wife a 20" torker and used it while I waited for my KH24 to come in. Then I got a Summit and a Sun 12" for my 3 year old daughter. All this in less than a year.

I am tryin to get really poficient with what I have before buying another. So many cool one to choose from. I was going to get one of the Torker giraffes for Christmas, but didn’t get enough uni.com gift certificates.:frowning: Maybe I will get something cool for Christmas…

a 20" nonbrand piece of crap. then a week and a half after i started, i got a 24" sun which i currently ride.

Here you go Keith…

Aaah the memories. :astonished: If you hurry I am sure you can win this auction!:stuck_out_tongue: For much less than $250!

Actually found the exact one you had on Ebay! Hurry don’t miss out on this chance to add to the herd.

My first uni was a 24" piece of crap with lollipop bearings and a Savage style saddle which I had little success learning on. After asking the kind folks here at RSU about what type of uni would be best for a beginner, I bought a 20" Torker Unistar. Then things began to mushroom and I suddenly found myself needing a 24x3 MUni, then a 28’r and now a Coker!!! Will it EVER end??? :astonished: :astonished: :smiley: :smiley: :wink:

learned when i was 6

some 12 inch unicycle (maybe savage?)… it was perty and blue! from there i bought a 16 inch savage, then a 20 savage, now a 24 savage, and will soon have a kh24 :slight_smile: I didn’t realize what the world had to offer in the way of unicycles…i thought savages were the only thing! little did i know…

That is not the same as my first unicycle. But it is similar. Those are the exact style of crank (singular) that mine Sears unicycle had. Did you notice, even a pedal is missing. And that seat, Ohhh! --chirokid–

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On Sat, 20 Mar 2004 20:33:58 -0600, “hopeful” wrote:

>savage 5’ chrome giraffe

I think that’s unique! Not the giraffe itself, but the fact that you
initially learned on it.

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The first uni I ever tried was one of those 16" Troxel types with the hard tire and tricycle cranks. It was eventually gifted to me and I still have it, the missing (broken) pedal is taped to the seat tube.

My first real unicycle was/is a 1976 24" Schwinn with cottered 140mm cranks. It was still actively riden until about two years ago.

I tried so hard to learn to ride that #$%&*@! Troxel that my parents bought my Schwinn for my 16th BD. I just remember that thing looking HUGE compared to the red POS (and that’s not Piece Of Schwinn) I couldn’t master. It WAS unicycle heaven.

I stared with a Chrome Torker 20 incher. This was a couple years ago.


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well, you know me… crazy, street performing fool that i am…

i started with a 24" Norco with liolipop bearings and Viscount seat, after about 8 months of that i got a 24" Schwinn with a KH seat and Kenda tire

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chirokid wrote:
> On what kind of Unicycle did you first learn to ride?


This is exactly the kind of responses I was looking for.

It does surprise me that any unicyclist actually learned on a Giraffe and a Coker. Wow!

How about some of you riders that have rode for years? What kind did you learn on? --chirokid–

Dec 2001 landed me a 20" Avenir

Sofa, how did the avenir hold up for you? I learned on it just fine but it is falling apart in every way. I know cycle maintinance and all of my problems have been not defective but poor quality parts. Does anyone actually consider this to be an OK uni for a serious rider?

Sorry for the disturbance in the theme.

I am on my first uni now but hopefully not for long. It is an avenir 24". It was great for learning on.

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>How about some of you riders that have rode for years? What kind did
>you learn on?

Semcycle 24" with 125 mm cranks. In hindsight, I think that 150 mm
cranks would have been better, but what did I know? That was Sept.

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Man, those Savage unicycles were the greatest! I learned on a Savage 24" with lollipop bearings and cottered cranks (and of course, a Savage seat). I first started doing MUni on this same one. What a classy machine.

I learned on a used Schwinn 20" with cottered cranks. I was 12 or 13 at the time. The unicycle was purchased at a local garage sale in Corvallis Oregon.

My second unicycle was a 24" Schwinn with cottered cranks. This one was purchased used at either a garage sale or through some sort of classified ad.

My third unicycle was a Schwinn Giraffe. This one was purchased new in 1979 at a Schwinn bike shop in Corvallis Oregon.

Of the three, the giraffe is the only one that I still have.