what kind of uni?

what kind of unicycle is this? I bought it at a used bike store in november or december of last year. (the bike store had bought it new)

This link says it is a Sun unicycle XL.


No problem.

If I remember correctly, those have a cotterless crank rather than splined crank, so hub/crank strength is on a par with the Torker LX rather than the DX or other mountain unicycles. In other words, it’s not quite as rugged as it might appear at first glance.


Never mind the weak hub and cranks, the rim is pretty flimsy too and with that saddle and tire it must weigh 17 pounds or more.


It is heavy, but I have not had a problem with it

What their saying is don’t be expecting to be doing anything big on this uni because it will break and that the size and weight is also a problem.

It is also a 20 inch

…we can see that:p

yea, the wide rim can be deceptive. For $149 I’d much rather have something else…this seems to be mostly good for just riding through sand.
Why would riding through sand need splined cranks, anyway? It is what it is.

I can also turn so much that my peddle scrapes the ground:D

When you get better you’ll be able to turn sharply without doing that:)