What kind of Uni should I get and were should I buy it?

Well, the title explains, but now for the detail.

I have a old Norco. The tire is fairly bald and skinny. Its fine for roads, but I can ride fairly well, so I think its time for an upgrade. I want to get a new Uni for rough terrain. I figure that I have one for road and I LOVE mountain biking, so MUNI and stuff like that will kick ass too! Im thinking Torker LX, but I would love suggestions.

Now, here is a problem. I live in Ottawa, Ontairo, CANADA! Where do I buy a uni? There is only one store that I know of in ottawa that sells them, Westborough Sports Centre. And they only sell a brand called “Trace” which isnt that great. I know that there is Bedford, would anyone recomend them? I would rather not order from the USA or anywhere else, because of shipping/duty/handling/other B.S.

So, what do I do? What do I buy and Where do I buy it from. Is the Torker LX a good idea? Will it last?

Thanks for the help!

HERE’S A LITTLE PLACE IN ONTARIO that sells unicycles. Probably the best in Canada. Yes, I would recommend him. Call Darren on the phone or e-mail him. He’ll fix you up and you’ll be happy with what you get.

im not sure coz im an aussie, but i thought i would point out that there are a fair few canadian guys on this forum!! so find them and hav a chat to them about it!!

I second the vote for Bedford. I’ve never used them myself, but I’ve heard only good about them. You’ll hear complaints on here about Unicycle.com (not that I’ve ever had anything but good things to say about them myself), but I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone complain about Bedford Cycles (except about their logo :smiley: )

i third the vote for bedford…he has real good prices and hes really nice so call him up and you will most definately find what your lookin for.

think DX

I’ve gotten back into unicycling after 15 years and love my new LX, but I’m into it for road and exercise. My LX is decent for some light trails, but it becomes quickly obvious that for, someone serious about it, the DX is the way to go. If you’re happy with your current uni, get a new tire and spend the extra bucks for a DX.
Just an opinion,

p.s. There are a number of posts here that offer some good alternatives to the DX as well.

Thanks for the help! Im wondering what kind of bedford would be good for what I want. I’m thinking that the basic Bedford 16" could do, but probably the 20" Light Duty is better for the extra 5 bucks.

Anyone know what Bedford unis would be good for me (and fairly cheap!)?

I hate to repeat myself, but

A 16" wheel is VERY small unless you’re a wee tot. A 20" wheel is probably the minimum to consider because you’re already old enough to read and write. But what you ask is very vague. How old are you? How tall are you? How much do you weigh? What do you want to do? These are questions that Darren will eventually be asking you when you order anyway.

If you’re going with a 20" light duty trials there are two I know of right in Ottawa:

Bedford’s cheapest light duty is $250 + shipping. (I know the website says $200 but it’s now $250)

It sounds like you want something for offroad so I would suggest a 24" as long as you’re not short.
For a 24" Muni you’ll have to order from out of town:
Bedford has a light duty Muni for $390 Canadian
Unicycle.com’s base muni is a Nimbus 24" for $209 USD

If you want something that’s not “light duty” the best priced one you’ll find is the torker DX for $259… If you check ebay there’s some on there you can pick up that will come to $330 canadian after shipping.

yeah bedford is sweet… i just baught someting yesterday

Hey eroik I also live in ottawa, I would suggest that you get something around the lines of the norco from foster’s, or the light duty from bedford then once you are ready to go splined (heavy duty) I hear that Joe Mamma’s bike shop has a great price on KH hub and cranks.

Where abouts in Ottawa are you? I live around merivale/algonquin and my friends and I are always looking for more people to ride with.

Just got a trials uni from Bedford, awesome service!

Hmm, im very tempted by that Norco. It is cheaper than the Bedford and it can be baught right here in ottawa! Anyone have any complaints/comments about Norco’s Unis? The one I have right now is a Norco… Only its about 30 years old.

By the way, Im located in west Ottawa (between carlingwood and bayshore), im 14 and Im around 5"4’ or 5"5’ (I most likely put the " and ’ in the wrong place… Im a metric guy).

I love mine, the only thing I would say to be careful about and you should probably replace asap is the seat post clamp. I have stabbed myself in the ankle with it way to many times and it left me bleeding from places I don’t think its healthy to bleed from (achilese tendon). Eventualy you will want to replace the cranks/hub aswell, but you can do that localy for cheaper than anyone else as well *at least I know you used to a couple months ago.

If you ever wanna go for a ride gimme a shout. I used to live out there as well (right by woodroffe high school) so I know the area alright.