What kind of Uni is this?

Anybody know what unicycle this is?

blue uni.jpg

Impossible to tell from the photo and the ebay description. I zoomed in on the photo and did a little image enhancement and could see two bolts on each fork leg, indicating that it uses some sort of lollipop bearing holder. I can’t tell if it’s the evil lollipop bearing holder design (like used on the cheap Savage unis) or a better design (like used on the Miyata). My guess is that it’s the cheap evil lollipop design.

Ask the seller for a better photo showing the detail of the bearing holders.

Dude dont diss the evil savages that was my first uni for trials and learning unill i completely tacod the wheel


You were lucky your bearing bolts area outlasted your wheel. Plenty of people have had lots of fun on those unicycles, but bad engineering is still bad engeering.

Unfortunately there is not enough information in the picture or auction to identify the unicycle. Definitely a Schwinn seat though, and apparently a 24" wheel.

I agree that they are pretty evil, I broke both sides of mine cause that bad design.