What kind of Uni is good for...

A new rider. I want to get an idea of what I should buy, (The accesories and all) How much they will cost, and any other information. Also is a taller Uni better than a shorter uni for begginers?

Go to Unicycle.com and read this:

Then, if you want more specific advice on what to buy, you have to tell us what country you are in.


For all new riders I suggest Torkers. You can rest assured that if it’s a Torker, and it’s black, it’s a good deal. The Torker Unistar LX sells for about $100. The Torker Unistar DX sells for about $200.

As for wheel size, most people learn on a 20. 24’s are also a good choice for new riders and are more practical if you plan on riding longer distances. Both of the aforementioned unicycles are available in 24 inch models for about the same prices.

Whatever uni you pick, good luck in learning. If you have any other questions, this is a very good place to ask.


I suggest hitting ebay. You can get a Torker for $50-$75.


That’s about as good as beginner unicycles get.

Although if you’re on a budget, or not sure how well you’ll take to the sport, you could spring for an older model


Personally, I’d stay away from the older chrome Torkers. They are of MUCH poorer quality then it’s black cousins. Even if you are on a budget, spring the extra cash for a Black Torker.

Ebay isn’t a bad choice to purchase a Torker, but just watch out for high shipping costs.


Thanks a lot. I am going to buy a uni off my friend, and then I’ll spring for the Torker. Any accessories?

Oh and thanks for the site"Johnfoss" I’ll look at it when I get home.

by the way the unicycle hes getting sold is my 1952 concord!!! with cottered cranks!!! only $150 what a deal!!!