what kind of trials unicycle should i get??

im looking for a new trials unicycle that can handle like 10 foot drops and wont break under me but it has to be light waight.
right now i have a torker dx and it is doing great but it is to heavy.

i have heard alot about the kh20" trials one but is it really werth the money??

Branden Marien

I would say so. A Nimbus with moments is also a good option though. Both would be a lot lighter then your DX and feel a lot better (riding wise).

KH or Nimbus, KH is lighter, but i’ve heard the nimbus is stronger.
A biker guy told me theres tradeoffs for whatever bike you get, this applys to uni too
pick 2 out of 3
whichever two you pick it wont be the third, e.g light and strong wont be cheap
so a KH would be light and strong, but not cheap
a nimbus would be strong and cheap(er than a KH anyway) but not as light