what kind of saddle do i have?

hey everyone
i have a torker unistar lx and i was wondering if the saddle it came with was just an lx saddle or if its the miyata saddle everyone is talkin about ( i believe someone said that miyata was a torker) i hope im not makin a retard of myself by asking this question but i really have noo freackin idea also does anyone have any pictures of a “roach seat cover” because unicycle.com said i should get one with a miyata saddle and air pillow

also a like to unicyclopedia would be nice cuz i forgot it

thanx everyone

The Unicyclopedia is here. It can also be accessed as http://unicyclopedia.org. If you have any useful knowledge, feel free to edit it!

Re: what kind of saddle do i have?

That person was correct. a torker LX saddle is an All blick, unnoticably larger version of the miyata saddle. Basically they are the exact same thing.

Re: Re: what kind of saddle do i have?

Is that true?

Did the newest versions of the Miyata have the same gussets under the handle as the Torker?