What kind of rider are you and what protective gear do you wear?

Title askes the question, what kind of rider and what gear you use.

I ride pure trials and i wear 661 4x4s and Mace gloves. Every so often ill wear a helmet but not on a regular basis.


I ride street, trials, and muni. for street, wich for me is pretty much grinding/stalling ledges and rolling or hopping up/down stairs I wear a helmet and when I find them gloves. for trials I wear helmet and gloves. for Muni I wear 661’s 4x4’s gloves, and helmet and elbowpads.

i ride i guess freestyle. idk thought, i can sorta do a little bit of everything… my biggest drop is around 4 ft. anyone who says they do ‘muni’ and just muni…that isnt legit to me. and yea i wear a helmet.

Trials, a little street, MUni and freestyle wearing 661 4x4 leg and KH gloves and helmet.

It really depends on waht I am doing, alot of the time when I am at the skatepark I only wear gloves and 661’s but if I do anything really big then I wear a helmet aswell. Most of the time when I am out doing street rides, particularly when it is somewhere I am not completely familiar with I wear a helmet aswell.

When I am just doing some trials riding in my neighbourhood, or school then I just wear my gloves and hope for the best.

It really depends on my mood what I wear.

I ride trials, street, and freestyle, if I can find any good muni trail, ill ride it, but seeing how there isnt much trails around here.

I were 661 knee\shin guards. thats it, other than that im naked.

Hmmm, nude trials…It would probably cut your weight down a bit more:D LOL

i guess i ride street?.. but not really i mean i do trialsy stuff… but im a lot better at freestyle… but when i go trials riding and do a lot of freestyle to… so i fuse the two together… so i guess street maybe…

i wear pants and shoes


For street and trials i wear my helmet when i remember(which isnt often enough, i really need to get in the habit) And then for muni i wear gloves, a helmet, and shin guards.

im thinking of getting some ankle braces for muni, i kinda rolled my ankle today riding up at Chimney Gulch after school.

i do a bit of everything cuz i don’t do anything really well. in the gym i don’t wear anything when riding, and mostly am practicing freestyle type things (idling, going backwards, turning…). if i’m doing distance rides outdoors i’ll wear a helmet and maybe wristguards if i can find them. if i’m doing anything remotely resembling trials or street riding (hopping up and down curbs & general throwing myself at or off things, nothing too major, couple inches at best) i’ll have my helmet, wristguards and roach shinpads on.

I just ride to have fun and screw around, so I rarely wear protection (unless I’m trying something particularly dangerous).

i do muni and street… for muni i wear a helmet and shinguards and gloves, and if its near ski season and i wanna be dumb ill put on a 661pressure suit, only becuase if i get hurt i lose my sponsorship from my parents (and hopefully volkl) its way overkill, but there is no way im risking a ski season and for street… i wear a helmet and shoes. maybe shinguards

I wear… helmet and shingaurds, gloves for muni, helmet and shingaurds for street and trials, and usually nothing for freestyle when I’m just messing around in the driveway.

Oh! I am wanting to buy the 661 ankle biters, cause I hit my ankles a lot, or have had them sprained, so paying 20 dollars to save my ankles from having a rip of skin that wont heal for 3 months because I keep hitting it is worth every penny to me.

I think I’ll go place an order on them right now!

I’m a bad rider and I don’t wear any underwear.

I am a utilitarian rider. I wear tarsal guards, chaps, safety glasses, earplugs, static dissipative finger cots, and always a bring condom and a leatherman’s tool.

Edit: And a towel and a daikon.

I ride street and I weat 661 4 by 4’s. I should probably wear a helmet too but I don’t. :o


I ride muni, for the most part. I wear 661 leg armor, wrist guards, and my helmet (always). Sometimes I just ride around the streets and in parking lots, in which case I wear the same gear.

I love the Muni.



I don’t wear any protective gear at all for trials and street.If your gonna do a dangerous sport like extreme unicycling, lets face it, your gonna get hurt whether you wear procetive gear or not! If im doing downhill Muni then i wear my helmet. I should probably use my helmet for trials aswell really. I just dont like feeling restricted by protective gear. Ill prob take my helmet to london though, just to look hardcore! (only joking!)

Rock on!