What kind of Protective gear do u guys use/recommend for MUni, or whatever else?

yes, quite a title, if u want to know the question i am asking, read the title
also, what price range would i be looking at, in Australia?
also, is it better to buy off the net? i think there is more variety…

Fox Northshore Knee/Shin ARMOUR

Only reason being is because I wear them. If i wore 661’s 4x4 then id probably suggest those.


Website was the first I came across in google.

Then there is a helmet, and gloves.

Somepeople will also suggest arm armour, wrist protection etc.

I wear leg armor (661 right now, formerly Roach) pretty much any time I’m riding with metal pinned pedals. Wrist guards (Harbinger) any time I’m likely to have unusual UPDs (MUni, or working on new skills). Helmet, pretty much the same times as wrist guards. Elbow pads (KH) on extremely rocky terrain (Slickrock), or areas with lots of poison oak (most local singletrack).

Wear whatever you need!

How about going on a few Muni rides and seeing if you have any repeating injuries in the same area.

I do trials and street unicycling.

I kept falling on my hands > I bought some leather gloves
I kept hitting my shins > I bought some 661 leg guards

Perhaps you could apply this to yourself?

Good advice except that I wear a helmet cause I don’t want to crack my head open a few times b4 getting protection.
I wear gloves, a helmet, and occationaly(when practicing unispins) shin pads.

He he yea


Wristguards, helmet, leg armour, elbow pads in roughly that order. YMMV.
Try skate shops for wristguards and elbows, bike shops for the rest.