What Kind of Person are you? - By Sport

There was a very interesting article in Israels leading paper yesterday stating that the type of sport that you do reflects a lot about your personality. Reaserch has shown that people who go to the Gym are usually extroverts and are on the lookout to meet new friends. Swimmers are on average more solitary and are looking for some quality time by themselves without interruptions. Windsurfers, parasailers and hang gliders are more apt to be entrapanuers. I was just wondering what Unicycling or even the subbranches of unicycling are telling us about ourselves?


while the time you get to reflect on your day is great during swimming, im not a solitary person and all my friends that are swimmers are very outgoing

We’re nerds.

Definitely nerds. Solitary(ish) by nature but also enjoying the occasional get-together/ride with other nerds.

Agreed. We are nerds that have ADD(attention deficit disorder).

Speak for yourse…hey what’s that over there??

ooh a bunny! what were we talking about?

Ooh, look, a bird…
I can totally see sport choice reflecting a person though; it takes a special breed to sit diligently on a unicycle for up to 10 hours just to learn how to not fall off. :sunglasses: Then, another ~insert number~ hours to become decent enough to attempt muni or trials/street. All I can say, patience and too much spare time.

not really, I’m not patient at all, but I am a persistant bastard, and thats key.


I think that we all have a little bit of A.D.D. in some sort…want to go riding anyone?

i would love to, if I wasn’t in the midwest…

What did the newspaper article say about bicyclists (road or mountain)? We probably have much the same traits (with some differences) as the bicyclists. The reasons or circumstances for why we would pick unicycling over bicycling is what would separate us from the bicycling group. But I would guess we would have much more in common with them than differences.

ooooo, shiny red ball! :slight_smile:
attention seeking nerds?
too much time?
over the course of 2 months i have gone from nil to one foot riding and bending my freestyle rim from low key trials…

but i was suspended for 4 weeks so i had ALOT of spare time :angry:

Obsessional, that’s me. :smiley:

Me thinks we are nerds with a UNIque ability. :smiley: :smiley:

What are we?

The article did not get into Bicycling. I just thought it was interesting.
I don’t think that we are solitary though. (This forum is proof!) I myself like riding with others. If for no other reason than to be able to see some good wipe outs other than my own! I don’t think that we are nerds though either.

I feel that most unicyclists are seeking attention. Most are individualistic, with drive and a stuborn streak with tons of persistance!


Well, persistence an patience does have its rewards. :smiley: :smiley:

I feel the same way, i think most people unicycle because they want to be different and Unique rather then follow Bike and general trends. :smiley: :smiley:

wat NO were all pimps lol

I think we are all brothers riding the cursed inverted pendulum so we can show off our amazing talent.