What kind of pedals do you use?

Hi all,

I was just curious to see what kind of pedals everyone rides on? As I said in another tread I’m going to be purchasing some new pedals for my trials uni soon and I just wanted to know what you have on you uni.

What kind of pedals?

What kind of uni? (Muni, Trials, Touring, Freestyle)

Do you like them?


AtomLab Aircorps on both my munis. The best muni pedal you can get IMHO.

Unfortunately they are about $100 (US) per pair.

looks like john is the only one using pedals out there. WOW!Who’d a thunk so many people ride arround on only thier cranks, or wheel walk their uni’s everywere.

Pedals are for sissies. I know John Childs. He carries around a pair of pedals to eat instead of those sissy nutrition bars. John Childs is NO sissy.

The first thing I do with a new uni is to bite the pedals off. I didn’t know anybody on the newsgroup actually used them. I’ll start sending my masticated pedals to you if you need them.

For those that want to know…

I have cheap plastic pedals on my freestyle/hockey uni (nice and floor safe and shin safe)

I have twisted alu bodied wellgos(?) on my muni and UW. Nice and grippy.

Most of the other unis have cheapie plastic pedals or no pedals (I’m not as hardcore as harper, sometimes I steal them an put them on another uni or b*ke)


Your answer are the Oddysey Twisted Pros. I had a pair for 3 years and they never busted. They have great grip, aren’t really pricey, and they sell on unicycle.com. great pedals. after i stopped using them i passed them on to anotherunicyclist. thats how good they still were.


I’ve got three pairs of pedals; one is the good ole plastic pedals that came with the trials uni; I use them indoors. The other two were the bog standard platform and pins jobby from the local bike shop. One pair stays on the muni, the other on the trials when I’m outside.

They may be cheap, but they don’t appear to be having a hard time; I’ve grabbed on them loads and apart from the paint dissappearing I can’t tell the difference, to be honest.

Phil, just me

ive been on my Shimano DX platforms for awile now.the pins are kinda small but grippy.i got them used for $30 not new for $99 so it worked out ok.


I never had good luck with pins staying in on the twisted pros, In a couple months I tore out 6 or 7 pins doing crank stalls.

I save my old pedals to open bottles of root beer.

What do you think about the trailkings john? I supose you dont do pedal or crank grabs, but do the pins apear to stay in against concrete? does the bearing actually last.

expounding on the beer opening petals, these are apparently the best ones you can buy:

A friend has them on a trials bike and they are really sticky. You must wear shinguards however, or this may happen: Caution, semi - graphic.

I’ve heard they are the best, I ride Sun Ringles on my current uni, they work great.


the shinburgers are cool no doubt,but aint they like>way to heavy at 844 grams?!

Depends on your definition of “best”. The Shinburgers look like good strong pedals that will take a beating. But they are heavy. They’re almost 30oz. while the Aircorps are a svelte (in comparison) 21oz. That’s a difference of more than 1/2 a pound. Shave 1/2 a pound here and 1/2 a pound there and pretty soon you’ve cut quite a bit of weight off the uni.

I have not seen the Shinburgers in person and I have not tried them. I cannot say how they are in actual use.

I have not used or seen the Trailkings. They have a different spindle and bearing design than the Aircorps. I can’t even begin to guess about how well the bearings would hold up on them.

The pins on the Aircorps can handle pedal grabs on concrete. They’re beefy large diameter pins that shouldn’t sheer off. It doesn’t look like they’re too likely to punch through either. I’ve tried a few pedal grabs with them on concrete steps with no ill effects (other than the fact that discovered that I can’t land pedal grabs worth a darn). I’ve also tanked on a few drops where the pedal hit hard on a rock outcropping and the pins all survived (I am after all the king of pedal strikes).

I posted a review of the Aircorps on muniac.com. I’ll have to make a little review of them for here on unicyclistst.com too.