What kind of grease to use on a splined hub?

I need to re-grease my k1 street cranks and ISIS hub, what kind of grease will do the job and how much of it should i use?

Any other tips for cleaning and greasing ISIS hubs wouldn’t hurt either.

i dont think you really need to grease them at all. maby if the bearings are a lil rusty from getting wet something WD-40 would work but i never grease my uni

do you mean the bearings, or crank and spindle(axle)?

I use anti-seize grease on my splined Profile hub… should be fine for your ISIS hub. I just grab an old toothbrush, hit it with a little solvent (my grampa uses kerosene, I use WD-40), brush the hub and crank until they look clean, then wipe everything dry with the rag. Once the solvent’s gone, cover everything with grease, reassemble and wipe away the excess grease. Cake!

Be careful with those bearings! Yes, WD-40 lives up to it’s name: it is effective in Water Displacement (removing moisture). However, it is also a degreaser (removes grease)… and your bearings need grease to run smoothly.

If you’re going to use WD-40, then you’ll need to repack the bearings with grease… and since most uni bearings are sealed, that’d mean breaking the seals, which (as feelthelight has taught us) is a bad thing.

If the bearings have surface rust, it shouldn’t affect their performance. Don’t worry. If the bearings have rusted internally, the wheel won’t spin well and it’s time for brand new bearings.

crank and spindle.

my splines are starting to rust and i have only had my uni 3-4 months and have never left it out in the rain :thinking:

As far as I know, all metals and alloys rust or oxidize even without being wet.

Air has moisture in it, which is effectively keeping everything around you moist in the slightest bit.

yeah, i know that i just thought that the uni would be lest rusty for longer. Ill go get some anti-seize tomorrow and put it on my hub

i think that will work fine, i have the stuff that profile provides with cranks and what not and it works awesome on my BMX bike, i dont have anything on my uni yet but if i did use anything this is what i would use. i think it is Finish Line brand


Yep! Grease is hydrophobic; it repels water. Clean your splines, pack 'em with grease and you’ll keep water outta there.

Anti-seize is available at most auto part stores.

Er yeah… forgot to put bare, kind of hard to keep paint or powdercoat on the metal if it oxidized underneath.

copper grease/anti seize… for splines, all the time.

On the rusting bearings issue, I smear a little bit of waterproof grease around the outside of the bearings and around the seals. The grease keeps the exterior metal bits from rusting and a thin bit of exterior grease on the seals helps trap dirt and moisture before they can penetrate the seals.

That’s mainly a concern for my muni that gets ridden in dirty and/or wet conditions.

Yeah well I got this stuff and it works just fine on my motorcycles so maybe it would do the trick for my unicycle when the time comes.

p.s. silkolene is awesome