what kind of games have you made up?

The gang and I made up this really fun game. All you need is half of a soccer field and around 5 people. 1 person starts at half field. 2 people are at the goal and they stay there and try to stop the 1 person from getting through. the other 2 people start at the goal but ride up to meet and try to stop the 1 person. if you get through, you get a point, and you just switch people every time. it’s really fun, and you all should try it.

what kind of games have you made up before?


We used to hold our weekly rides in a local shopping center carpark. We’d grab a trolley each and play ‘tiggy’ or ‘tag’ or whatever you want to call it. It’s great fun!


oh yeah! We’ve had races with 1 person pushing the shopping cart and 1 person in it before. then you switch positions after a lap.