What kind of foam is in Koxx/kh saddles?

Yoness. Exactly what kind of foam is in koxx and kh saddles?

Pass, but I know in most of the saddles it is some form of dual density foam. It could very well be made to spec, in the factory.
Maybe someone with a little inside knowledge could shed some light.

If you are after a block of foam to carve a new seat out of your best bet is to find an upholster in your area and take the seat to them. Most likely they will have a foam that is the same density and they may have scraps that are the correct size.

If you are just curious about how they are made, it is a two part foam that is injected into a mold.

is ‘evan’s unicycles’ about to start?

Haha, No. Maybe EB Frames, But no unicycles. I just want to find out the kind of foam so I can get a brick and cut my own saddle foam.

I asume you mean make a mould out of a brick and not modify a brick into a seat? :stuck_out_tongue:

Close, Get a brick of foam.

oh right, I see.
I made a micro foam saddle in a dt class once, I dout it would be very comfey if it was life size though.

btw how you gona shape it?

This leads me to another question for people with knowlage on this subject:

Can typical saddle foam be cut with a hotwire?

I’ve seen most people cut saddle foam with something like a breadknife or other large serrated kitchen knife (like a serrated carving knife). A hotwire might work, but I’m not sure if the foam wouldn’t squash and deform before melting through, producing difficult to predict shapes. Give it a try, you never know, it might be really easy.


I have two hotwires at my house for cutting EPP (expanded polypropolyne) for R/c airplanes. I remember trying to cut saddle foam with it once and its really really slow going, but that may be due to that fact that my hotwires are very small gauge and rather low heat. I was hoping i could use a hotwire setup because then i can use formica stencils/borders to cut along.

Ive been using an electric knife to mod my foam.

Its one of the serrated knives, that actually have 2 blades that move back and forth/

actually didnt torker make the CX seat of a brick, and forget to shape it to the size of a saddle?

hahaha you have an eletric knife?

I don’t know how much experience you have with using hotknives with different kinds of foam but Ihave used a hotknife on a couple different kinds of foam and the result usualy ends up being that it forms a hard crust after it has been cut when you are cutting more dense foams. The more dense it is the harder the crust.

I work at a seat cover place that does some foam repair for atv and motorcycle seats, we use an electric bread knife to cut the foam with. Buy some silicon spray and squirt the knife before you start other wise the blades get all kinds of gummed up. After you cut the rough shape out use a random orbital sander with some meduim grit (120 or so) sand paper to smooth the shape out. You will also want to make a tight fitting cover for it. Your best bet would be to copy the general pattern of an existing seat. Oh and with the sanding the more dense your foam is the better it will work.

Here is most likley the type of foam you would be after

It is what we use for atv seats the stuff is quite dense. The only way you will get any denser is if you mold cast your seat.

What would be a good foam to use as saddle foam? Would that atv foam be good for a uni saddle?

hey, i know i saw the exact foam posted somewhere, I don’t remember exactly what it is, but I found that the best thing to shape it with is a dremel tool with a grinder like attatchment. it works VERY well unless you bury it in the foam.

hmmmmm… 20 something i think is the “density” or stiffeness of the foam.

Well i need to get some foam so anyone have some suggestions of a good kind to use? Will any of the foams from mcmaster work?