what is your uni like?

i just wanted to know what other peoples unicycles are like and what they like about them. so basically just a unicycle boasting thing. here is a pic of my uni the best bit is my rim

torker dx 20
what i like the most is its not my savage:D

My best uni is a converted Torker DX. DX hub, Alex DX32 double walled rim, Luna trials tire (only one avalabel that I could find in the US) and a KH seat.

sorry to ask but for that rim did you have to buy diffrent spokes or gest have a bike shop change the rim thanks

heres my uni.

Here’s my uni, even though zack says it’s heavy! Haha, it weighs 12lbs, I think. i weighed it on a regular scale, and not digital. But I weighed myself, and I’ve been 139lbs on any scale for the last few years.

I think I cracked my seat’s stiffener plate. I have big hands. I use the regular Xbox controllers and my hands almost fit perfect. But, there’s too much foam for seat out. I need to also ditch the rail-post-bracket. I’m never going to run brakes. The seat also has way too much flex.

My frame is 2.24lbs. I accidentally told zack 2.44lbs.

So maybe in a year, I’ll go to an arrow rim, and a lighter frame. For now, I’m going to order a wallis base, and run a kinport front handle, and probably miyata for the rest. That’s right! No air for me.



Here’s mine. I bought it from Catboy on this forum last year and I’ve added nothing but some scratches since I got it. Gotta love the coordinated pedal/seat combo.

AWESOME!!! I’m glad you like the colour scheme.

My NEW Muni:

Another yellow one catboy. Nice flames.

Oh, and thanks catboy. I love the muni. I just wish I could keep the cranks from loosening…

mine is one of the oold KH20’s, the orange one from like 2003ish… I’ve added

Red Jim C Odyssey pedals
profile hub/crankset
new KH seat

How Ugly.

my uni:

Koxx 1 gel saddle
rail adapter
primo rod post
odyssey gi clamp
united 24 inch frame
koxx 1 hub
koxx 1 110mm cranks
alex supra g triple wall rim
primo wall tire
dt spokes
primo balance pedals

Heres my uni…

That is one short uni, Brian.

My uni is like, broken.

My Coker Deluxe is just like the one in the picture at Unicycle.com. That’s because I’m pretty sure it is the one in the picture. I’ve added a Wyganowski handlebar setup and a water bottle cage, but that’s basically what it looks like, only dirtier.

as i had a 20" rim before, i got new spokes when i took it in for a wheel build. but it is probably best to get new spokes anyway.

um well i have a 20 so i dont need to but when i feel like paying for them i should… how much will that cost me

for a complete wheel build and spokes it was £30 and i think that £15 of that was for the the spokes( by the way, the rim in the pic is a 19"

QU-AX Muni 20" - 2005

With a KH 2005 saddle,
Modified seatpost (cut to save weight and better suit my length-of-legs)
VP components VP-53 pedals (Not standard)
Maxxis Creepy Crawler 20 x 2,5" (the best tire I have tried yet)
QU-AX 19" rim with 48 spokes

That all totals up to 6,4 kg according to QU-AX and 6,3 according to my weight.

That should be it, yep. When I ride, I also use a Specialized Deuce helmet and Fox Sidewinder gloves, both are 2005 versions and I got both for my birthday, helmet from parents and gloves from grandparents.