What is your greatest unicycling-related insight?

Mine is the fact that in unicycling all your weight must needs be divided on only three points (the soles of your feet and your crotch), whereas in bicycling your weight is divided on five points (the palms of your hands in addition to the other three points). The consequences of this are momentous. Because of it, the proper shoes and the proper seat become crucially important for a comfortable ride.

You can do what you once thought was impossible.

BTW, as you get more advanced, there are 4 or 5 contact points with the cycle (depending on handle/handlebar design), with a subsequent impact on the crotch.

What is your greatest unicycling-related insight?

That it’s hands down THE WORLD’S MOST EFFECTIVE anti-depressant available with-or without-a prescription! :sunglasses:

Unicyclists are clowns.

Last time i checked, we weren’t reprah. Unicyclists are just different and/or unique and somewhat rare sometimes. :smiley:

unicycling =/= juggling, though I do both, they are completely independent hobbies :slight_smile:

Lol you checked us all? How can you speak for all unicyclists that is totally ridiculous! The statement “all clowns are unicyclists” is false, but to say “all unicyclists are not clowns” would also be false because some clowns are unicyclists and some unicyclists are clowns.
Depending on who is looking at you on your unicycle, your definition of clown may not be active in their mind- so it could be true that “all unicyclists are clowns” because unicyclists fit the stereotype image of clowney type circus people behaviour.

I like your insight MuniAddict- THE WORLD’S MOST EFFECTIVE anti-depressant!

I don’t have any insights today.

I second this. I am a much happier person now that I unicycle all the time, and when I start to feel down I just go out and unicycle for a little bit and I feel better.

Course, then kids throw rocks at me and that kind of bums me out, but hey, you stand out, you gotta deal with people who wanna throw stones.

That we are a tenacious breed of people.

Totally agree: when do we start teaching that to psy-professionals and social workers? they might be keen on suggesting people to zenify?

Yep, I love to bike (recumbent, mtb) but unicycling is a whole-body & big-part-of-the-brain experience that makes me happy and relaxed. Muni is number one and road second.

I couldn’t say it better myself.


My greatest insight is how I learn. After figuring out what really works for me to learn new uni skills, I apply the same method to practicing other things like trombone. Learning skills is all about visualizing where you want to be, and not getting bogged down in the momentary struggles. Keep your chin up and your eyes on your goal, both literally and figuratively.

My greatest discovery about unicycling was the sheer scope of the unicycling world. Yep, about 9 months ago I stumbled upon unicycles by chance. I (just like almost everyone else in the ordinary world) thought unicycles belonged to circuses. That didn’t stop me from wanting to learn of course… I wanted to do it for the sake of it… but what did it for me was that I discovered that unicycles could be found at skateparks, mountain trails and on the road. I never knew that there were chunky wheels, massive wheels (like a penny farthing!), competitive sports, extreme sports, lights, brakes, gears, urban culture, country culture. The world of ‘uni’ shook me up in the best possible way.

+1 to John Foss and Terry.

I first became aware of muni when I saw a muni for sale in a bike shop several years ago. My immediate reaction was to think “Wow, that’s totally crazy, I could never do THAT.”

Well, that thought stuck with me for a couple years, and it bugged me. I wondered why I would think such a thing? After all, if somebody else could do it, why couldn’t I? So I bought my first unicycle, figuring I might not ever be able to ride it, but at least I would feel better for having tried.

Now that I can ride, and am starting muni as well, including on snow and ice, I really feel that I’m only limited by my level of belief in myself. And this knowledge of self-empowerment hits me every time I get on the uni, which is a very uplifting feeling.

Unicyclists are well balenced people :slight_smile:

That you really can accomplish things that you thought impossible. Sometimes things just take a little bit of failure to get it right.

If I tell my self I CAN do a trick and that it is EASY i learn it much quicker. Same with most things in life.

That it doesn’t take much to make a complete stranger smile. The world could use a little more happiness; the world could use more unicyclists!

Very well put.

That if you do crazy things you will meet crazy people. That if you have crazy friends you will do crazy things. That if you are crazy you will make crazy friends and do crazy things.

That if you keep feeding a baby crocodile it will grow up to be a big one.