What is your fav psi ?

Hey i was wondering what peoples favourite psi (tire pressure) is for trials/street ? because i want to get a good idea about how tire pressure effects different types of riding.Also i have a 2.5 creepy crawler trials tyre.

It’s not only about the number, the same PSI can feel completely different on various tires. You’re better off experimenting on your own with different pressures to see what you feel is best for the way you ride.

Thanks for the advice i never really thought of it that way.

other stuff to consider is searching, wieght of the rider, size of drops being done, size of landing zone, type of riding, smoothness of rider(how hard they land a drop), kind of tire involved, amount of tread on the involved tire.
my experience is a trials rider rides higher PSI due to landing on small stuff and weird angles. street where you have big landing zones and more square landings

oh and 25 for a luna. both street and trials. hard core trials though, including gapping skinnys

I ride on 38psi on my KH.

I used to ride 30 on my DX.

I don’t know the exact psi, because my meter always shows different. On my Creepy Crawler, I have it just enough so it doesnt weirdly wrinkled when I drop from high stuff

Also the width of your rim can affect performance and ideal tire pressure.

I am 175 pounds and I like 25-28 psi. I tried 30 but I hated it.

25 is just enough to keep me from bottoming out on drops up to about 4 feet, but it still takes alot of the force from the drop away.

And it gives me the perfect amount of bounce when hopping.

i weigh about 140-45 lbs and ride a creepy crawler (for trials) at about 30-31psi in the summer.

Woah, havent heard from you in a while. Have any more clips up of you riding?

I’m like 155 and I run my tire at barely over 20.


wow, i weigh 135 and i run mine at 28-32 i usually run it at about 30 if i am going to do big stairsets and stuff, but 28 or so if I am doing strictly trials. i am a little hard on my uni though… most people have no need for that high PSI

i think ryan atkins runs his at 27… if you care

I realize you’re asking about Trials/Street but FYI point of comparison:

I’m 195 pounds so I need a little more air than my comrades or I’ll compress to the rim too much. I tried trials a little, but didn’t take to it.

Yuni 29er XCountry: 32-35 psi
KH 24" MUni: 22-25 psi
Coker Road Riding: 45-50 psi

When we did trials more, If we bottom out, we’d ad a wee bit more air. So, we’d do a big drop and put just enough air to avoid squashing to the rim.