What is Varial?

How would one go about doing one of these?

its a 180/180 from in to out.

so, be riding normally, do a 180 unispin from seat in to seat out while doing a 180 twist with your body.

So, the uni spins 360 degrees from where it started, and your body spins 180 degrees (the same way as the uni). Learn body varials first :wink:

idk. I think they are two very different tricks. I can varial much easier than I body varial, and I body varial and varial opposite direction. This will all get confusing as to which way is blind once I learn inward unispins:)

That’s the way I do it. Sounds pretty normal to me.

variel is pretty much a one handed smallspin i think.

just a smallspin from seat in, you can use both hands to catch it if you want.

I think a body varial is easier because its just like a unispin except you spin. And Ive done one so that makes it easy.