what is up with the gallery?

does anyone else have a problem accessing the gallery today?

i just get an error page saying something like there’s a problem interacting with the database :angry:

i wanna upload a viddy!!

Same mate, got it yesterday too.

Yeah I’m getting ‘Error’ too.

Im just guessing here, but I think there might be an error.

I hardly ever use the gallery because it’s so quirky (spelt like that?) …

The gallery used to be really good and worked well. Now its just fucked and has been for a while. I wonder what happened to change it.

mmm it used to be ace. at least its not the only way though, unicycle.tv will host video and there’s always unicyclepics and so on and so forth. theres places to host files and it’s not so difficult to put a link in a thread.

Apparently it’s now fixed: