What is trials unicycling?

Trials uni-cycling is my favorite type of unicycling by far. I call Trials Uni-cycling “the BMX of uni-cycling”. That’s what it is. Jumping, spinning, overcoming obstacles, performing stunts, all on one wheel. Trials uni-cycling is by far the most challenging form of uni-cycling. This is not where you learn how to balance on flat ground; this is where you survive on any ground, any terrain, any obstacle that stands in your way. The basic rule of the sport is to get from point A to point B without dismounting the unicycle or touching the ground with your hands. Riding down steps, balancing on ledges, jumping over benches, staying alive.

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I would say bmx is closer to street unicycling as bmx is about tricks. Trials unicycling is more like trials biking.

Yeah trials unicycling is more similar to trials biking, then bmx riding. And welcome to the forums, since it seems it was your first post.

A trials unicycle is a unicycle designed for unicycle trials. Trials unicycles are stronger than standard unicycles in order to withstand the stresses caused by jumping, dropping, and supporting the weight of the unicycle and rider on components such as the pedals and cranks.

Hahaha. Cutting edge stuff. (x