what is this?

what uni is this??


I think its a Nimbus 20" trials. That’s what it looks like.


looks like a nimbus trials to me


Edit: you beat me to the answer


I was going to reply with the lame “looks like a unicycle” and add that it says “Unicycle.com” in the corner, so there’s probably a bigger one on the U.S. or UK site.

i know what website its off of cause i got it off that website but i am getting that uni so thats why i wanted to know.

I almost said that to but then noticed in his post he says “what uni is this??”


If you’re getting it shouldn’t you know what it is?

well i should but this is my frist uni. i can’t tell that it is from looking at that picture.

So, you order unicycles like my three year old orders food?

He doens’t know the words but the picture looks yummy!

Seriously, if you were able to grab the picture from the unicycle.com website why not simply read the accompanying description. Or, did someone else steal the uni.com pic and your buying from someone else who did not provide a description?


If you got the picture off of unicycledotcom, then you must have been to the page about the unicycle that says NIMBUS 20" TRIALS across the top, and therefore you should already know what that unicycle is to make your story plausible!! ISN’T THAT RIGHT, MR. SATAN???

No need to attack him. Mgrant just said that.