What is this?!

Why are they out of stock forever?? I wanted one for Christmas… And now I’ll never get one… never

:thinking: thats got me to i thought they were as close to mass produced as unicycle parts got they’ve been selling for years and years there in one wheel no limit and thats well old!! and one of the best until the kh came along.

Why don’t you just get a black torker style… it’s pretty much the same thing

i dont know for sure and i’ll ask on monday when i call uni.com about the stuff they forgot to put in the box i ordered last week.

about the Miyata’s,my guess is that uni.com doesnt want to due buisness with them anymore since Miyata sent 1500 saddles to uni.com that were made in China from inferior cheap materials compared to the originals about 2 years ago.

they got totaly ripped off and so did we since all of our handles kept literaly ripping off.Miyata pulled the bait and switch,they deserve to be on probation…

jagur is right.

think think we should fly to where they are made and start a fire so they lose all the designs of the cheep crappy saddles and have to make the good ones who’s with me!!!:wink:

You can still buy them in Australia,

Miyata Seats at Juggleart.com

Do you reckon that these ones in Australia are the bad quality ones that Unicycle.com had? And are miyata going to make saddles again, cause there isn’t really a freestyle alternative…

The UK uni.com has them, as does municycle.com- as to the quality I have no idea! But there is a Velo saddle for freestyle.

Unicycle.Uk.Com still sells the Miyata Saddle but they are the cheap ones.

You could but a Carbon Fibre base, a handle (I use Kinport) and a cover (I have a XL leather one, and a Roach) and make an air saddle! :slight_smile:


What is so special about the Miyata saddle compared to others that so many people want them?

The miyata is the most versatile seat out there; it can be converted into an airseat with little difficulty (even I managed it) and there are loads of optional extras for it, such as stronger bases and replacement covers.

I believe you can have a “miyata” seat without actually buying a single miyata component, if you have a CF airseat with a rail adapter and a kinport handle on it… :slight_smile:

Plus it’s a less bulky object than the KH, so it’s apparently better for freestyle.


You dont need to buy a rail adapter, you could just use a standard seatpost (but they do need a bit of a hit on the top the flattern them so they fit to the shape of the CF base)

This is also a good tip to anyone about to make a CF saddle! Use a standard seat post, not a miyata post as they are really hard to get these days! If you use a standard one, you wont have the problems i had when I snaped the Miyata post! :angry:


Oh, poo. I could order them from the UK or Australia, but if they’re now made of poor quality material then I might not.
If you order some unicycle that has a miyata seat on it, does it still come with a miyata seat?

Yeah, but it would be a poor quality one!


I’m pretty sure that Miyata is redesigning the saddle. It will be better and stronger. The new saddle is supposed to come to uni.com in a few months… when I talked to them, they didn’t have a date.


Yeah but They replace it with a black Torker one… basically the same thing though.

Oh, so if you order a miyata you get a torker? I guess I’ll get one of those. But they don’t come in red or blue…:frowning: :smiley:

Our local bike/unicycle shop has a puke green Miyata Saddle with post on the shelf. Send me a PM if you’re intererested and I’ll follow up.

One thing I noticed about the new black Torker seats are that they have a little triangle gusset supporting the handle. This adds to the strength of the handle. I’m not sure how well they work, but it’s nice to know that someone cared enough to tweak the design. I did see the new seat handle next to the old one at my LBS, the new is much stiffer then the old.