What is this?

I bought this unicycle and was wondering if anyone knows what it is.

All I know is it is a 24" tire and is a Saf-Tee.

Ah…I don’t know what brand the uni is, but one look at that seat made my insides lurch.

I know what it is : ) . . . old. . .

thus, wait for john foss. . . he should know. NOOOT that john foss is old O:-) I wouldn’t dare say that.

I remember that saddle type well! Those were around in the 60’s, and early 70’s. Cottered cranks too! Probably 1/2" pedal threads. Doesn’t look like it was used/abused much. Nice collector’s item.

looks like my oldie 24". not the same, but similar with the cottered cranks and foreign pedals

You’re 21? Yes, I’m old.

Those are probably domestic pedals, actually. Back in the day, a lot of stuff was actually made over here! Does anyone still make (non-high end) pedals in the USA?

Anyway, your cycle looked familiar, but not exactly like any of mine. It is similar to a Stelber and a Rutledge that I have. But both of those have tricycle wheels. That is, one-piece cranks, crap pedals and nylon bushings instead of bearings. The Rutledge has a plastic tire, but the Stelber has a “real” one.

But wait! Wedged between my P.O.S. Troxel and my Langenberg was one that was a pretty close match. I had to extract it from the ceiling to see what it was though. The brand: Hedstrom! Hedstrom made juvenile bikes (and similar vehicles/toys) that were commonly found in department stores in the 70s, and maybe earlier. Low end stuff, but at least yours has a real tire, real cranks, and a real seat for that time period.

The seat is a Messenger. This was the same company that made the Schwinn seats. Those square ones were an earlier design, but lived on through the 70s as the Schwinn design was only available with Schwinns. My Hedstrom has the same type of seat on it, also “sticking out its tongue”, a common look for that type of seat. Many unicyclists from that era liked those seats better than the Schwinn ones. They both had the same problem with being dropped though, which is why us “old timers” generally have more of a seat-catching reflex than you whippersnappers of today. :slight_smile:

My Hedstrom also has a red piece of plastic to cover up the gap in the fork crown; a little bit of style to dress it up slightly. That unicycle is superior to the Troxel, Rutledge and Stelber models that I have, but is otherwise a pretty low-end unicycle. Notice the “anti-twist” bolt in the back of the seat clamp? It worked by gouging a hole into the post!

Your cycle may have been sold under a different name, or branded Sears or Montgomery Ward, or similar. I really need to take pictures of all my old unicycles for when these situations arise. But doing that properly would require giving each a real good cleaning, which would be a major piece of work… :stuck_out_tongue:

What is this??

Someone gave me this…

Any idea what it is and how good it could be to ride. Fallen off a few time already but I can feel it starting to click…

I am curious about this. There is one for sale on kijiji locally to me.

It looks really well built. Not sure if the rear castor wheel would vibrate at higher speeds. The wheel looks like 700c but I think it is smaller.

It’s a B.C. Wheel with a training wheel. :slight_smile:

Thanks John. Any idea where this one would have come from? - can’t find any reference to this type on the internet…

I assume the training wheel is meant to be removed when you have got the skills.

Its making me want to look at an electric unicycle… aahh…

Short and annoying answer: China.

Just a guess, but with confidence. :slight_smile:

It might be easier to find references for it, or more pictures, if we knew what the manufacturer calls it. It’s got a great shape to it, though I can’t tell for sure but it looks like you are meant to ride it with the little wheel in front. Seems like it would take all the bumps that way, and ride more like a skateboard.

I don’t think so. There’s a big difference between a B.C. Wheel and one with a training wheel. BC’s are hard for unicyclists of any level, if they’ve never tried one before. While I might be tempted to take the little wheel off, I think it’s meant to stay on there.

I may have played with something like this once, but can’t remember any details, other than I think it was not as nice looking. More white. Somebody had it at the end of the Strawberry Fields Forever Century, so those of us unicyclists that were trying it had just ridden up to 100k. That one was fairly heavy; this one looks lighter.

An electric unicycle will have a place to sit down. Most of what you seem to find online are one-wheeled Segways, aka Electric B.C. Wheels. Which are still interesting to ride, but like a Segway, I find they get old pretty fast as you just kind of stand there while riding around. Standing around?

How about one of these?

The unicycle shown in the first post? Not sure about all the components, but the seat is clearly Spanish. It was a model introduced by the Spanish Inquisition in the 1480s.

It is called a Gauss Wheel.

It’s actually the similar “Magic Wheel” - it was mentioned here in this thread.

It seems to be a GausWheel? i found some very interesting instructional videos.