what is this?

I saw one of these on ( http://mbaction.com/ME2/dirmod.asp?sid=6C606132AD374521BC58D4CBDB82F733&nm=Main+All+Modules&type=news&mod=News&mid=9A02E3B96 ) i am wondering what this is and how to make one.

this link no worky


Link no worky.

sorry heres a picture of it


With a fixed gear hub this would be a great alternative to a penguin. All the speed + a handlebar - the height!

i want to build one

this would def. require some work.

if you find anything like this please tell me

I have seen other examples (don’t know where offhand). The easy route is to get a fixie bike and chop off everything front of the downtube. Then add a handlebar extending from under the seat off the downtube.

The result wouldn’t be exactly like the picture but would function the same.

Your tire size will be different too…

If you want that exact thing it will take a welding torch and some old 20"bikes to devour.

I though about the fixie cut up but i may try the old 20’’ first it will be cheaper

It would be cool to build one of those with a cassette & a derailleur on that wheel!

what about the free wheel

IMO this won’t work unless it is direct drive. If someone can ride one with a freewheel please post video.


Also, you might consider adding a loop of metal around the front gear to protect it. Otherwise, it could die a quick death in your first UPD.

+1. Yeah what he said.

Yessss…coaster uni’s have been made. You could go that way but it will be a twice removed novelty. If you want to ride this around you want to go direct drive. Having said that there is nothing wrong with a double novelty factor and that may be more appealing.

Do the cool thing and get a ‘flip flop’ hub so you can have it work both ways. Put a freewheel on one side a direct driver(?) on the other and just reverse the wheel to switch.

i am still not shure yet

Get a fixed gear bike and take off the front wheel. It’s pretty much what is this thing except it doesn’t have a fork. I want to try with my ghetto-crappy-Frankenstein Fixie. I’ll take the cranks from my Giraffe(wich has the same number of tooth as my fixed gear wheel) and I’ll do super long wheelies with it:p

Yes, this is vital. Corbin has his junk-bike-parts recumbent (and tandem) unicycle here at U Games, where lots of people have tried it. On the front is a MTB chainring set with three sizes; the chain runs on the small one. As of now, the outer chainring has been beaten halfway to a pulp. It has totally-flat areas on the sides between the pedals (where the pedals don’t hit the ground first)!

The cycle in the picture above is sort of like a “lite” version of a recumbent unicycle. It’s a more upright position so it should ride much more easily, but it still has that fee-out-front configuration. It would of course be harder/more awkward to ride than a regular unicycle.

thank you!!