What is this?

This is from craigslist and I haven’t seen a seat like that before. :thinking:

(I’m new btw. :o )


its probably a really old schwinn, or semcycle. Its just a really old unicycle, thats he reason the seat looks weird. People back then didnt know what the unicycling world was coming to.:wink:

I agree that it is a very old uni. The frame, cranks, pedals, etc (but not the seat, which generated the question) look identical to a uni that I bought in the mid 1970s when I was a kid. I still have that uni in my collection. Judged by the standards of today, it is a crappy ride.

Sounds like I should keep looking. :wink:

Thanks for the help.

look on ebay, their are lots of good beginner unicycles there. Also unicycle.com, you can get great unicycles. Good luck with learning :slight_smile:


[ Quick update: the owner says the brand is Matsuri. ]

Really what I’m looking for is something “cheap” ( < $100 if I can help it ) to gauge my interest level. I’ve never ridden before. :astonished:

this would probably be a good uni.

Well, I finally (after about 3 weeks of looking) just went against my better financial judgment :wink: and ordered a brand new 24" Torker LX.

Now it’s wait-time. :roll_eyes:

Awesome. Good luck with unicycling and welcome to the forums! Hope you have fun!:smiley:

Good choice, The Torker LX is a great beginners unicycle because it is very reasonably priced and, if you like unicycling, it can provide years of future enjoyment. If you stay with riding on the road or on cross country trails that have no big drops, you will probably never feel the need to upgrade.

One more thing - use the search feature on this web site to look for riders in your area. Search on your general location and you will pull up threads that mention the location. You can also use the map feature on the web site, but not all site users have plotted their location.

If you are having trouble with any aspect of learning to ride, it may be good to link up with a local rider (or better yet, a local club) who can offer some on-the-scene help.

Congratulations on taking the plunge of buying a uni. Most of my friends who I’ve talked into starting to learn won’t buy their own, and only one (who could ride years ago) stuck w/ it long enough to learn to ride.

A 24" is a bit harder for most to learn on, but is the most versatile once you do.

DON’T QUIT! Anyone can learn to ride. On average it takes ~ 15 hours, total to learn the basics (it took me 40 hrs over 2 months). Practicing an hour a day is recommended. So in about 2 weeks you should be riding about in haphazard zigzags w/ your arms flailing about:p

A friend of mine at work and I essentially convinced each other to get one, so at least I will have someone to learn with, even if neither of us really know what we’re doing. :smiley: