what is this worth?

I just happened to check Craigslist and found this 15 miles from my home. I already have a Nimbus 26" that I bought a month ago. I was thinking about picking this up as a spare for friends and family that want to ride or if I want to try a different size wheel. I’m thinking about offering him a bit lower since this is not something I really need right now. https://wichitafalls.craigslist.org/bik/4989109491.html

You can get one new for $140. It’s very nice to have a 20" unicycle laying around for practicing stuff and having new riders try. It’s been posted for 24 days now so if it is still for sale you are more likely to have an offer accepted. :slight_smile:

All true – the demand for used crap unicycles is practically microscopic, so just wave $50 cash at the seller and ride it away.